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    Name: Mana, sometimes referred to as Mana from Jannah.

    Description: Mana appears as a deep purple powder, with a light, spice-like texture.

    Abilities: Mana strengthens the mental abilities of psionic organics, enabling them to expand their powers further without the necessary training. A single, healthy dosage of mana equals about one year of training.
    • Telekinetics will be able to lift objects much heavier than they could before, and will be able to lift more objects at once.
    • Wave users will be able to send all of their energy into one strike, creating an "Overdrive" of Wave energy that can debilitate most targets.
    • Pyrokinetics will be able to send their flames at farther distances, as well as produce a hotter flame.
    • Electrokinetics can increase the voltage of the electricity they produce.
    • Empaths will find their skill of mental persuasion becomes more efficient, and in time, they may become telepathic.
    • Hydrokinetics increase the speed at which they freeze and heat liquids.
    • Biokinetics can speed up the process at which they can either grow or decay cells, as well as regenerate their own wounds.
    • Geokinetics can shift large rocks, and manipulate larger swathes of ground.
    • Aerokinetics can manipulate stronger gusts of wind.
    Conditional Abilities (Optional): Can be smoked, if one wants a Hyperspace cigarette.

    Limitations: Mana is an unnatural substance, and is unhealthy for all organic life to consume.
    • Each dosage of mana is to be taken in no less than a 5 ml dosage. Any more than that can cause an overdose due to the amount of cuils entering the brain, causing it to shut down from mental strain and stress alone.
    • Mana is only safe to consume weekly, as that is the time it takes for it to leave the system of most organics.
    • Each dosage, starting at the first, weakens the body's immune system, opening the user up to foreign disease.
    • At three doses, fatigue and weakness will overcome the user, and most everyday tasks will seem physically challenging.
    • At five doses, the user is sterilized.
    • After about ten doses, bone atrophy will begin to take place. By 15 doses, the user will become unable to use their legs due to the breakdown of nerve cells, and by 20 doses, unable to use their arms as their muscle structure begins to break down as well. At this point, the user will also begin to develop dementia, starting at ten and getting gradually worse.
    • At 25 doses, the user will be totally paralyzed, and will need to rely on life support to survive. They may also develop Alzheimer's, though this won't impact their knowledge of their psionic powers.
    • 30 doses will spell death for the user.
    • The damage done by mana is not natural, preventing biokinetics from mending the wounds it causes, as well as most modern medical technology.
    • Mana is taken from hyperspace itself, making it a hard commodity to come by.
    • Mana does not affect inorganics.
    • Mana dilutes itself to a near ineffectual level if it is mixed with other substances, such as water, making it a poor choice for a poison, as one would need to make their victim consume it raw.
    • Mana loses its properties as second-hand smoke, so smoking with it cannot transfer its abilities to those around the user.
    • No positive effects on Qarin users, negatives still apply.
    Conditional Limitations (Optional): If a user is not a psion, it will have no positive effect, but still carry the negatives.

    How does it work: Mana manifests itself as a powder like substance in Realspace, originating in Hyperspace. When consumed, the raw, otherworldly energy of the substance strengthens the user's ability to manipulate and control the 'Reality' ? forces around them. Mana is equivalent to consuming a tangible, "safe" portion of Hyperspace itself, creating a stronger link with the beyond and the energies that come from it. It is found as a very faint residue around Hyperspace portals, though larger quantities can be harvested with specialized equipment.

    Flavor text: Mana exists wherever a strong link to Hyperspace is. The energies of the dimension occasionally "crystallizing" into this profound substance. Large scale manufacture of Mana began when the Islamic Caliphate in the Fringe, busy with their endeavors on both drawing out Qarin from Hyperspace, as well as unlocking the Path to Jannah, discovered that this substance was slowly forming on nearly all equipment that had interacted with the portal, as well as slowly blowing out of it, almost like an ethereal dust. Mana was considered a hazardous material, given that initial tests seemed to show no benefits to subjects, and it killed quickly in a large quantity. However, when small portions of it were consumed by Sufi Ascetics, Islamic psions who could sense the otherworldly, and perhaps, powerful effects of the substance, the true potential of it was revealed. The Sufis became the first line of psionic test subjects for Mana experimentation, and though the effects are still somewhat a mystery to contemporary science, the Caliphate has begun marketing Mana as a specialty good, the dust of Heaven itself.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): Psionics.

    Attainability: Open: Can be bought by Mana vendors, or found wherever the veil between Hyperspace and Reality is weak. This includes portals, the Undercrypt, and occasionally, very faint, trace amounts can be scraped off of Hyperspace drives.

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    Moving to denied as mana dust is being reworked and introduced into the main lore pages.