Malius Vanis

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    General Information

    First name: Malius
    Middle name(s): N/A
    Surname: Vanis
    Age: 25
    Date of birth: 21st of December 3262
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Current residence: His ship the Cerberus
    Relationship status: Single
    Social status: Unknown
    Financial standing: Quite well off 250k credits

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): Southern American (Texan)
    Language spoken: English
    Other languages known: Ancient, Classical Latin, Italian, Ancient Greek.
    Style of speaking: Deep, gruff, very deliberate
    Volume of voice: Normal

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 6'
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Eye colour: Bright Green
    Skin colour: White
    Shape of face: Round, strong jawline
    Distinguishing features: Several small and faint scars on his face.
    Build of body: Athletic
    Hair colour: Black
    Hairstyle: Short
    Complexion: Fair
    Posture: Normal
    Tattoos: N/A
    Piercings: N/A
    Typical clothing: Armour/army gear.
    Is seen by others as: Serious, somewhat friendly, mysterious.


    Likes: Money, treasure, artefacts, history, honour, cigarettes, whiskey, beer, honesty, The Atlas Empire.
    Dislikes: The Haven Federation, dishonesty, weakness, vegans, vegetarians, people who don't drink.
    Education: Homeschooled, Military school (dropped out).
    Fears: Spiders, Clowns.
    Personal goals: Get rich, Gain fame and glory, found a colony, build up a museum, build a manor and other things.
    General attitude: Serious.
    Religious values: Atheist
    General intelligence: High
    General sociability: Moderate to high


    Illnesses (if any): N/A
    Allergies (if any): hayfever
    Sleeping habits: 6 hours is enough.
    Energy level: Normal
    Eating habits: three meals a day.
    Memory: Far above average
    Any unhealthy habits: Smoking, Drinking.

    Malius' father was an explorer and historian and his mother was a mercenary and a history enthusiast. His parents met on one of his father's exploration trips and they were together ever since. They homeschooled Malius and his brothers, teaching them about history, how to fight and how to shoot. Malius parent's died when they were illegally exploring in Federation territory after they tried to run away from a Federation ship. Their ship got blown up and Malius has held a grudge ever since. He went to military school at eighteen but dropped out after a year and joined up with a mercenary company which he travelled with for four years before deciding to strike out on his own, he went to the fringe, figuring he had enough savings to last him a good while. He hoped the fringe would offer him plenty of mercenary work and opportunities to explore.


    Parents: Deceased
    Siblings: Two brothers, not on speaking terms.
    Any enemies (and why): N/A
    Children: N/A
    Friends: N/A
    Best friend(s): N/A
    Love interest (if there is one): N/A


    Peaceful or violent: Violent if need be, won't shy away from a fight.
    Weapon (if applicable): two revolvers, a single assault rifle with a grenade barrel, combat knife hidden in his boot.
    Style of fighting: Militaristic, Krav Maga.


    Occupation: Adventurer, mercenary, explorer, treasure hunter
    Current home: His ship: Cerberus
    Favourite types of food: Pizza, Pasta, Tomato soup, Cannelloni
    Favourite types of drink: Beer, Coke, Red Wine, Whiskey, Lemonade.

    Hobbies/past times: Reading (Fiction and history books), poker, playing darts, shooting, hunting, gaming.
    Guilty pleasures: Smoking, Comic books, Noir movies.
    Pet peeves: Doesn't enjoy people chewing loudly, people who yawn loudly.
    Pets: N/A
    Talents: Expert marksman, knife fighting, climbing, swimming.
    Favourite colours: Blue, Black, Red
    Favourite type of music: Jazz, Blues, Big Band.