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    don't hold your breath,


    Mako Izhets is the current chosen name of the synthetic intelligence housed within the neuromorphic processor implanted in a body genetically resembling that of one Mako Halina Izhets, posthumous age twenty-eight. Born a citizen of the United Systems, her current residence is a corvette class ship designed to serve as a fully functional and furnished home, though it now sits half-empty and less meticulously maintained as it once was. Previously trained as a combat medic for the United Systems Colonial Marines and having been employed in security and as an emergency medical technician in civilized space, she now seeks a stable occupation in the Fringe. Despite the possible connotations of the bizarre name, the closest approximation to her pattern of speech is that of a vague midwestern accent.


    Much like the individual that served as the genetic base for her body, Mako possesses a relatively pallid complexion, dull maroon hair that falls down to the shoulders when not tied (though it almost always is), and hazel brown eyes. Her facial features lie somewhere oval-shaped, while still having a slightly angular jawline. She stands at 5’9” tall, and holds an average build, perhaps not as in shape as it once was. Her face often holds a slightly weary expression.

    Though she can sometimes be seen wearing modest and comfortable clothes, her sense of fashion is often skewed more towards the refined in part due to her background and upbringing. Her outfits often feature darker shades and very rarely delve into the realm of being excessively colorful, save for of course her obvious penchant for more muted shades of red.

    Behind the scenes, her mind is an artificial general intelligence housed in a neuromorphic and auxiliary processor attached to a cybernetic spinal cord, all of which are implanted into what is left of an otherwise blank brain, in a cloned, genetically modified body.


    Though seemingly more generally disinterested than she once might have been, under that tired shell is still a highly affective and conflicted woman. While she may possess an idle pattern of speech now and then, just as often is she prone to bouts of intense emotion, assertive opinion, and just the slightest overuse of profanity. She often finds herself getting along the best with those that are plainspoken, honest and at least somewhat compassionate, and often mixes terribly with those who are unclear in their motives or overly self-satisfied. She holds a slight contempt with those who seem to have it all or have had it easy and is highly prone to falling into patterns of impulsive, black-and-white thinking.

    Less beholden to the idealistic lens she once viewed the world through, Izhets is still someone that at least attempts to hold herself to the idea that one should be fundamentally considerate of others on at least some level, and that mistreating others for personal gain or amusement is naturally something to be frowned upon. Despite this, whether through bouts of impulse or selfishness, she is not someone who so easily can remain true to their virtues in all situations. If she thinks she can get away with something that would benefit herself without (by her judgement) truly, severely hurting another person, she’s likely to do it.


    The child of an unknown woman and a relatively wealthy man with his hands in weapons manufacture in the United Systems, Mako was born on June 3rd, 3260 to a rather dysfunctional family. Presented with economic standing and education opportunities that would make it hard for anyone to not at least end up with a stable enough life, it was the lack of such a life at home that caused her to become a recluse as an adolescent and take any opportunity she could to avoid being there altogether. This culminated in what was even by her own judgement, an ill-conceived decision to enlist with the United Systems Colonial Marines. The even less sound decision to desert came soon after facing the prospect of deployment and grappling with the reality that she never really wanted to hurt, much less kill anyone. Naturally, arriving in the Fringe soon followed.

    It took comically little time for the ideal of never taking a life to clash with the reality of defending oneself in a largely lawless swathe of the galaxy. That was out the window. After aimlessly wading through several jobs- A bodyguard for a club in the UACC, enlistment with Atlas before they went on to become a corporation, and then empire- none of which were held for much time, she was unceremoniously killed. Not by her own hand in the literal sense, but certainly in the figurative. This wouldn’t be the first time. A cloning here, there, undergoing procedure to have her neural map uploaded into a new, synthetic body. Reconstruction of that synth. Procedure to implant what was now a synthetic intelligence into an organic body. After a brief few years having left the Fringe to try and settle back into a ‘normal’ life in civilized space, it was her restlessness that brought the woman who could not easily be compared to who she was imprinted from back.

    dm me if you want someone new added or someone i forgot some of this stuff is so old i barely remember it

    Shay - "I might have convinced myself I actually hated you at some point. That's just kind of stupid, isn't it. You're even more washed up than me right now, but you're still the closest thing I have to a friend that's still around."

    Xexanoth - "Last time I remember seeing you around you were just working bars. Now you're running the show on Calypso like it's no big deal. My boss's boss's boss. Casual in a way that isn't casual at all- outright intimidating. Never going to want to get on your bad side."

    Regala - "Seriously fucking crazy. Scary shit. I get the feeling I wouldn't be here if I'd gotten on your bad side, but I guess I never did. Still. Glad you're not around."

    B.B. - "You poor.. thing? Guy? Legitimately too nice for all the shit we let happen to you. Good friend, even if you weren't exactly all there, buddy."

    α - "Kind of like the halfway decent father figure I never had, by the end of it. A genuine guy deep down there somewhere, but it's not like I get to decide who is or isn't a good person. Helped me, hurt others. Still think he tried. Hope he's doing well."

    λ - "If you're still anything like me- And I mean, you're no less her than I am, what's there to say other than good luck? At least you've got someone in your corner."

    β - "What's left to say? Sorry won't ever cut it. Ever. Even then, there's nobody around to say it to. I wish I could say I'm over you. I'm working on it. If you're still alive, you don't need someone like me thinking about you. Sometimes it's comforting to think that I'm not the same person who hurt you like that."
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