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    This past month, the staff team has been hard at work on a large project in order to do several things: consolidate pieces of our lore into an organized body, make it more accessible, and easier to produce future lore. The easiest way to do this I believe was to create a wiki for GC, so I went shopping around for some. Gamepedia or whatever is shit. Mediawiki is shit. I only found a good one in a js based wiki, and what's even better is that i had it hosted on our own servers - meaning its a part of the website, so we have a lot of control over it. No ads, clean UI, the good shit. Only shitty part about it is that the visual editor kind of sucks; if you can, I recommend using the HTML editor for basically everything.

    So after a long process we've transferred all of our lore on the forums to the new wiki format, and more; in the process, we wrote a significant amount of new lore that we couldn't put on the forums before just because of how cluttered it'd be. With a wiki however, since we can organize things into their own pages, we can put as much as we want.

    Lore on GC has always been a collaborative effort between everybody; between character backstories, faction lore, and more, all intertwined. With the wiki, we can now have a cohesive body to base our collaborative storytelling together; one that is easy to write on, easy to read, and easy to navigate.

    The wiki also allows us to do unique in-character activities that could not be done before, all of which is able to be posted by players (yes, you!) provided they register to the wiki (you can do so using discord). This includes IC Nexicon (wikipedia) pages that people can write to include IC lore, pages where people can make Hooter profiles, and a section where people can publish entire Nexus sites on the wiki instead of the forums if they want a more permanent space for them.

    In addition, certain players can ask for a 'Trusted' role that allows them to create pages on the official codex, so they can do things like transfer or write lore for custom species or other lore, or their factions. To get this role, please ask a staff member, and follow posting guidelines for the wiki.

    Here is a comprehensive list of all the changes and additions to the lore:​
    New energy lore:
    • New lore on polymer batteries
    • Better solarium lore
    New AI lore
    • Neuromorphic processors
    • Consciousness uploading
    • Emergence programs
    • how they're actually made
    New lore on anomalous materials:
    • Xari
    • Mana
    • Aetherium
    • Octarine
    • Octiron
    • Normantium
    • Trianglium
    New spacecraft lore:
    • Interceptor class ships
    • Particle lance
    • Boarding
    • Mines
    • Point defense
    • Life Support
    • Artificial Gravity
    • Ship teleporter (and teleporter range)
    • Ship tachyonic comms (and comms range)
    • Ship radar
    • Interdiction drives
    • Planetary scanners
    • Warp drives
    • Hyper drives
    New teleportation lore (the teleporter protocol, teleporter restrictions, Greater Fringe Index)
    New nexus lore (relays and networking)
    Codified quantum communication into lore
    New lore on gravity weapons

    • Codified discombob grenades, gravity hammers, etc. into lore
    Codified EMP grenades and EMP sappers into lore
    New pixel lore (voxels, electronic storage)
    Minor changes to forcefield lore
    Minor changes to plasma lore (artillery, projectile velocity)
    New lore on nuclear weaponry
    New lore on antimatter
    Reworked armor lore to be simpler (armor composition)
    Removed herobrine
    Rubium and violium stronger than durasteel now
    New lore on hammerspace storage (codified etm storage into lore, me networks)
    New lore on voidsuits
    New pirate faction: Pluto Solutions
    New hyperspace lore

    • Hyperlanes (and how they're actually traversed and what they look like)
    • Greater Hyperspace
    New anomaly lore:
    • Interlopers
    • Subspace anomalies
    • The Kramer Effect
    • The Abiogenesis Phenomenon
    • Vortices
    • Order (negative cuils)
    New cuil sicknesses:
    • Subdimensional dissociation
    • Sensory overload
    • Cuil Corruptive Fault
    • Cognizant Cuil Cancer
    New civspace lore

    • New political information blocks in district pages (and blocks in other pages)
    • NCIA
    • Transhumanist party
    • NCLC
    • IC catalog of bills
    • Minor edits to the constitution (fixed the criminals not being able to run for senate thing, added signatures)
    • New ARCHANGEL Lore (more history, prayer algorithms, playing an ARCHANGEL instance)
    • Politics guide for Haven
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