Magician in Need

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    // User AlphontheThird posts a message on the Public Nexus //​

    Anyone able to help me, please. I woke up one morning and I could... shoot fire from my hands. Everything was on fire, all I could grab was my phone. I saw that post on the nexus, the one by... the Atlas girl. Vittoria. The truth's out there, I know it is. Someone help me, please.

    Someone's after me. They're watching me. I dont have long.

    // A photo was posted of their face. Crimson red hair, a small dimple on her left cheek. It was in the ashes of a home. Their IP address was for a mining colony turned city. //​
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    "I can't say I know much about magic, but I have access to resources and a place you can take shelter that won't burn down. "
    // Nexus username info is left//
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    // A brand new Nexus account responds to this post. triangulumrunner451. It was created one day ago as of this post. They reply directly to the original poster. //

    I can offer protection and tracking services at a premium price. I have done hundreds of jobs and I possess an extensive arsenal of weapons for all situations. I can keep you safe from an amateur hunter, so long as you have the money.

    If you are interested, contact this account within 48 hours.

    // It was very obviously a burner account. Tracking it leads to very little useful information and only leads back to a library on some obscure Fringe world. //
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