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    // An advert arises on the Nexus. It's fairly simple, and to the point, posted //

    Don't you wish you had had more in life? A stronger healthier body? Regrow lost limbs? Spice up your romantic life? Maybe even get lucky and become something you weren't? If you answered yes to any of these, this ad is for YOU!

    // A video would play of a male individual, rather plain, drinking a golden-orange liquid from a vial and comically grow in muscle mass. Another bit would have a child with no legs in a hospital have the same liquid be administered through an IV, and sure enough, the kid got his legs back. //

    Introducing: MAESTRO! The controlled mutative and evolutionary serum for all your bodily needs! Created from organic and synthesized components, the serum is compatible with organic species ranging from: Avian, Apex, Human, Hylotl, Floran, and more!

    'What's the kicker', you may ask. Well, we'll tell you! The secret is in the bonding process in a user's DNA. The serum bolsters the immune system of the host, and begins an alteration process that can cure you of ailments, infections, regenerate tissues and other organic structures! It's one hundred percent effective!

    Order your MAESTRO today!

    // Following the ad would be several rapid fire disclaimers, some of which involving seeing a doctor first before taking the serum, and some of the side effects. Rapid mutation, defects, illness, fatigue, loss of motor function, and so on should the serum be abused. Tied to the advert was a Nex.link to an order form to get MAESTRO. //

    (( https://galactic-citizen.com/threads/maestro.1652/ ))​
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