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    Lunar Investigative Services is a full service private investigator service agency consisting of me, Masina Ho'okoe. I offer a first class investigative service to clients at an affordable cost. I am willing to operate across the Fringe. I am fully dedicated to servicing you and your investigative needs. At Lunar Investigative Services, we will always work with your best interest in mind.

    I work with corporations, attorneys, the public.

    Lunar Investigative Services works to assist the general public, corporations and businesses, and attorneys with a variety of services. My investigations begin with a free consultation where I help determine the final goal of the investigation and provide our clients with a viable strategy that will help me collect the information they need. Our consultation is also going to help me narrow down a final budget to ensure my clients know what they’re going to get, and how we’re going to get it.

    Contact me @lunar on the Nexus in order to schedule a consultation or contact me via my website's chat service.
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