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    I was told i dont need an app for this but i'm going to anyways.
    Third try, lets do this.

    A Lunar Assustant Drone

    A thin square with light-blue-tint thruster that cane easily oscillate to keep the drone upright on each of the four corners. The personality matrix and power core stuff is on top of the square in a half-circle.

    Atlan's personality matrix has been wiped several times because it became semi-sentient and was distressed over it's replacement. Lots of Lunar Miners loved the personality matrix but understood the replacement reasons. Atlan is one of the last of his specific make and model because of the valuble parts on him. The Fridge has a good amount of them, luckily.
    Tell us the story of your species.
    The Lunar Drone is about 32 years outdated, but is small and maneuverable. The Lunar-Drone (now named Atlan for short) Is a very old model but has improved maneuverability compared to newer models. The Atlan series of Lunar-Drone has a personality matrix built-in, but can only communicate with beeps. Later models do not have this personality matrix over fears of gaining sentience, like the Glitch. The Atlan series of drone was experimental with it's thrusters which have built-in fusion reactors that need very little refueling, but can be powered with small amounts of thorium. This provides almost limitless power for the unit, but because of the rediculously advanced parts, it was phased out.

    Intentions for Story & Setting Interactions
    As with earlier inclinations, i just want to give a temporary companion to people with mechanical know-how.
    Misc/Trivia (optional)
    The Atlan model of Lunar Asisstant Drone is extremely modular, because it was made specifically to help around lunar mining colonies. Atlan can, with the right parts and his owner's expertise, be almost anything. Combat drone, if ineffective? Pulse laser. Mining drone? Tractor field and precision mining laser. Medical Drone? Pack Rat? Flying Data Storage? The possibilities are only limited by the Owner and operator's Expertise and Imagination.

    Power and Armor and stuff Specifications:
    -Light Drone
    -Light Armor
    -Nuclear Battery
    -Hammerspace Module (EN Storage) Weight of objects held -3 min/5 kg stored or retrieved A small card module that contains an Electronegative Storage device; can output stored objects into an arm, tractor beam, etc.
    -ENDI Scanner 3 lb -2 min/scan An ENDI scanner projector that can send out a horizontal ENDI beam pattern that captures a detailed scan of an object or specimen.
    -Radio (two way)
    -Directed Energy Weapon (pulse/EMP)
    -Robotic Arm (3-claw hand) (modular)
    Here's Hoping this is original enough AND valid.
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    This doesn't need an application so long as it follows the engineered lifeforms lore. Moving to denied.