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    Name: Lotus, Lotophage, Paresseuse, Fleur de Pierre Tombale

    Description: Derived from a plant native to the planet of Mardi Eternel known as the Paresseuse. This plant vaguely resembles lotus flowers. They are, however, black to purple in color, and lack any leaves due to their parasitic, predatory nature. These plants use their chemical properties to trap unsuspecting animals, but have been popular for recreational use on Mardi since its discovery. All parts of the plant can be used, but seeds, dried petals, and syrups made from boiling and reducing the prior two are the most common.

    Abilities: Causes a feeling of contentment, laziness, dizziness, forgetfulness, disorientation, and a sense of belonging. It causes dilation of the pupils, muscle relaxation, blurry vision, dulled senses, and hunger. The effects take hold variably depending on the way it is ingested.

    Conditional abilities: Can, in high doses, cause temporary paralysis. In a pinch, it can be used as a sedative, though it does not prevent pain. Due to the generally agreeable state this drug puts people in, it can be used as a method to steal from, kill, or otherwise assault people. It is known on Mardi as somewhat of a daterape drug because of this. However, recreational use is still popular.

    Limitations: Crashing on Lotus causes sleepiness, irritability, sweating, vertigo, nausea, and anxiety.

    Conditional limitations: Lotus is more addictive psychologically than physically. The feeling of belonging, relaxation, and forgetfulness are tempting to those with a need for such things. It is often used to self medicate depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. Overdose is common and extremely dangerous. Overdose can cause long periods of total body paralysis and dehydration. People who survive Lotus overdoses often experience a sense of wanting to experience it again, having finally made the user physically addicted.

    How does it work: It functions in much the same way all depressants work, by slowing brain processes with the chemicals within.

    Flavor text: Lotus is derived from a plant that uses its paralyzing chemicals to trap it’s consumer around its roots and feeding off the decaying remains. It was first used by the prisoners who founded Mardi as a medical sedative, but quickly grew to recreational use when dosages were refined. The current producer of a majority of Lotus’s supply is Krewe de Bacchus.

    Attainability: Semi-Closed; Krewe de Bacchus does not approve of exports of Lotus outside of Mardi Eternal. It is rare outside the planet of origin, and will come at an absurd markup.

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