Lillian Medea Skye

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    General Information

    First name: Lillian.
    Middle name(s): Medea.
    Surname: Skye.
    Age: 28.
    Date of birth: 4/11/3258.
    Race: Synth.
    Gender: Female.
    Sexuality: Bi-sexual.
    Current residence: Sanctus and/or Iephus.
    Relationship status: Dating.
    Financial standing: Middle class.

    Traits of Voice

    Accent: Very faint Irish accent.
    Language spoken: Common.
    Other languages known: German
    Style of speaking: Warm and cheerful.
    Volume of voice: Fairly quiet.

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5'11.
    Weight: 132 lbs.
    Eye color: [​IMG]
    Skin color: Olive
    Distinguishing features: Visitant symbiosis, matte black legs, and eyes. Elfin ears.
    Build of body: Voluptuous.
    Hair color: Dark Red.
    Hair style: Loose.
    Complexion: Smooth.
    Posture: Fairly good.
    Tattoos: None.
    Piercings: Hoop earring, right ear.
    Typical clothing: Shorts, a tank top and a jacket.


    Likes: Baking. Jazz. Xenos. Nature. Technology. Tea. Strange creatures. Hot tubs. Reading fiction. Breadsticks.
    Dislikes: Atlas. Smoking. Politics. Cults. Asshats.
    Fears: Of being alone.
    General attitude: Optimistic and friendly.


    Sleeping habits: Attempts to keep a routine, but usually fails.
    Eating habits: How much she eats depends on her mood most days.
    Memory: Fairly good, she sometimes seems to forget some days though.

    Well, you think this info is just out for free? Nah.


    Lover - Family - Close friend - Friend - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated

    Elizabeth Smith: Seeking out a relationship with her was one of the best choices I've made in a long time.

    Gary Noose: Great friend, great boss. Just hope the stress won't get to him and cause him to do something he might regret.

    Akuseru Narakuno: My best friend in the fringe. Glad she's doing better recently and has a idea of what she wants now.

    David Ward: He's funny as shit and generally a nice guy. Vote Ward.

    Belle Parry: One of my favorite people, I hope she can walk again soon.

    Adela Rodriguez: A fantastic friend, hope that whole stalking thing clears up.

    Red Horizon: An epic gamer.

    Churu: Small bird woman, also an ex-shipmate. She had a kid some time ago.

    Caleb Marcus Carpenter: A great friend, but his world views are shit.

    Yuuara Inkaida: New friend, nice lady. Sucks what keeps happening in her bar though.

    Atticus Kepp: Nice guy, my co-worker, made him some cookies one time on request and later he fixed me up. Weird, but who ain't?

    Archie Ward: Dave's daughter, real nice girl. Hope she's doing well, haven't seen her in awhile.

    Kind of weird, she doesn't really hang out with me too much. But she is sweet, nice hair.

    Penelope Rogers: In the end, I guess everyone can change.

    Cassius Stagheart: Dick

    Vittoria: ???

    Rose Avalice: Two words, shit happened.

    Rhapsody: ....Holy shit, I get she was bad but....what a way to go.


    Occupation: Horizon security.
    Current home: Iephus
    Favorite types of food: Garlic bread.
    Favorite types of drink: Hot chocolate.
    Hobbies/past times: Baking. Reading.
    Guilty pleasures: Hot springs. Hot tubs.
    Pet peeves: Is annoyed when people call her Lil instead of Lily.
    Pets: None.
    Favorite colors: Black and dark red.
    Favorite type of music: Jazz
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    If I missed anyone's characters let me know.
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    >Not a single mention of Corchea
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    They're shit? ...Yeah, pretty much.
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