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    //A new site is launched onto the nexus, along with an expansive advertisement campaign.\\

    Lazarus Holdings
    First Bank of Olympus

    Legacy Reborn!
    The first bank of Olympus has finally taken wings and spread to the outer Fringe!
    We here at Lazarus Holdings are devoted to securing your future, with our top-of-the-line security and out-bound reputation, we spread into space with high hopes! And of course, a no-questions-asked policy.

    Saving - Checking - Loans - Mortgage - Nexpay Options

    Why Join?
    - Competitive Rates!

    - Atlas Backing!
    - Datapad Integration!
    - Advanced Security!

    Register Now!
    Fill out the form below and join the Lazarus Holdings family!

    (Full name)
    Date of Birth: (Date of Birth/Creation)
    Datapad ID: ((Just bullshit some numbers or something.))

    Occupation: (LEGAL Job)
    Membership: (Covered below.)
    Memberships - Sparrow(0% interest, 0pix/month), Raven(2% interest, 100pix/month), Hawk(4% interest, 200pix/month), Eagle(8% interest, 400pix/month).
    Do you acknowledge associated fees?: [​IMG]

    By submitting this form, you acknowledge that 300 pix will be drafted from your account once as an entry fee.


    ((OOC Note, interest is half-yearly instead of yearly.)​
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    Name: Paul Jasonsenson
    Date of Birth: January 1, 3260
    Datapad ID: 02419374759847194
    Occupation: Asker
    Membership: Eagle
    Do you acknowledge associated fees?: Yeah sure I guess.