Kyriaki Arcos Kalat'shal - The Hydra

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    - Mood Music -
    - Kyriaki Arcos Kalat'shal - "Basilisk" -
    - General Information -

    Given name:
    Breed name: Arcos
    City-state: Kalat'shal
    Age: 23
    Date of birth: “Doesn’t matter, next question.”
    Race: Arcos
    Gender: F
    Sexuality: Unclear.
    Current residence: Diana's frigate.
    Relationship status: “Damn her. She'll pay, for her betrayal."
    Financial standing: Paid by the Syndicate.

    - Traits of Voice -

    Accent (if any): Arcoszard, if only faint.
    Language spoken: Common.
    Other languages known: Galactic Sign, Axolotian, English, Arcoszard.
    Style of speaking: It varies. Eccentric. Uses "sir" and "miss" a lot.
    Volume of voice: Moderate, but it varies.

    - Physical Appearance -

    Weight: 212 lbs.
    Eye color: Null-black.
    Scale color: Pale, unpigmented scales.
    Shape of face: Long, reptilian.
    Distinguishing features: Her body is primarily machinery; she is an organic head and upper torso, encased in durasteel machinery, having undergone a transformation. Four arms.
    Build of body: Lithe, tall.
    Horn structure: A crown of five, pointed.
    Complexion: Smooth, polished, fine scales with no pigment.
    Posture: Odd, hunched.
    Tattoos: A silhouetted viper on her left shoulder blade.
    Piercings: None.
    Typical clothing: Nothing to cover; nothing to hide.
    Is seen by others as: Eccentric, strange.

    - Personality -

    Technology, the advancement thereof. She adores robotics and artificial intelligence in particular.
    Dislikes: Nature. Disgusting nature.
    Education: The minor bit of education Arcoszard gives its people, as well as lots and lots of active research.
    Fears: Absolutely nothing. Not even death.
    Personal goals: Also not much of anything.
    General attitude: Erratic, varies by mood and what drugs she has in her system.
    Religious values: Closet Shal'halai worshipper.
    General intelligence: Blindingly high.
    General sociability: Erratic.

    - Health -

    Illnesses (if any):
    Physically, she’s in perfect health!
    Allergies (if any): None.
    Sleeping habits: Erratic. Some days she gets a perfect amount of sleep; other days she gets almost none.
    Energy level: Also erratic.
    Eating habits: Sporadic, but she eats whatever she thinks tastes good.
    Memory: Inconsistent.
    Any unhealthy habits: None.

    - Combat -
    Peaceful or violent: Cowardly when she thinks she's fighting someone stronger than her.
    Weapon (if applicable): A vibro-dagger she made herself. Her fangs bear the Zy'leth venom, causing excruciating pain to anyone who's bitten by her.
    Style of fighting: She fights dirty, because she thinks she's fragile. She's still... not un-beefy, because of her species and augments, but she's taller than she is muscular.

    - Others -
    Occupation: Personal interrogator to Diana Cilvay.
    Current home: Diana's ship.
    Favorite types of food: Anything sugary, fleshy or a mix of the two.
    Favorite types of drink: Soda and energy drinks.
    Hobbies/past times: “No time for that.”
    Guilty pleasures: Allowing herself to have hobbies.
    Pet peeves: None, really?
    Talents: She has an extreme penchant for learning new programming languages and machines.
    Favorite colors: Red, silver.
    Favorite type of music: Industrial.
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    Updated in preparation for their division. Kay and Di (pronounced "Die") will be a terrifying duo.
    -Tweaked some little things I needed to.
    -Doubled sheet length and content to accommodate for Di's creation.
    -Moved Kyriaki to "mains" in signature.
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    -I didn't end up having them go by their shortened nicknames - it became Basilisk and Cockatrice. Now, it is Kyriaki and Kiki.
    -Cut sheet length in half because Kiki is now an entirely separate character. Kiki might get her own sheet at some point.
    -Signature also altered to reflect this.
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