KO-27/71843 "Thicket" - Friendly Mischief

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    - General Information -
    Identification: KO-27/71843
    Pattern: Kobold
    Rank: Private First Class
    Name/Nickname: Thicket
    Affiliation: Loyalist
    Race: Forlorn Legionnaire
    Current residence: Baldr's Sanctum.

    - Traits of Voice -

    Language spoken:
    Common with offworlders, adapts to either Common or the Legion tongue dependent on who they're speaking to and what language they seem to favor.
    Style of speaking: Somewhat calm, but chipper. Friendly, unless provoked.
    Volume of voice: Moderate.

    - Physical Appearance -

    Weight: 210lbs.
    Pattern: Kobold
    Armor color: They've moved to using a navy blue color for their armor plates.
    Cloth color: Their cloak and scarf are a shiny, scaled black texture when deactivated.
    Adornment and modifications: Stealth cloak counts.
    Is seen by others as: A Legionnaire? Until you get to know them, they don't stand out too much.

    - Personality -

    People, their job. Guns!
    Dislikes: Disloyalty, unnecessarily loud people.
    Education: Standard for a Kobold.
    Fears: Nothing in particular. We'll see.
    Personal goals: None, really, they like their life as-is.
    General attitude: Chipper and cheery, usually, but serious when needed.
    General intelligence: Average-high. Can put the pieces together and think about things, but they're no mathematician. Learned Common pretty well.
    General sociability: Very high. They like people. They like meeting and learning about offworlders almost as much as they like being around other Legionnaires.

    - Health -

    Illnesses (if any):
    None in particular, they're quite healthy.
    Allergies (if any): Also none.
    Sleeping habits: Regular and regimented.
    Energy level: Relatively high.
    Eating habits: Legionnaire.
    Memory: Moderate. They're good at remembering personal details of other people in particular.
    Any unhealthy habits: None, really.

    - Relationships -
    - Legionnaires -
    HG-07/70122 “Fork”: Responsible for the operation on Baldr's. That includes me. I'm nervous around them, because they're so high ranking.
    IM-02/71193 “Mix”: Downed in that joint operation with Atlas. I might check on them sometime.

    - Offworlders -
    Xexanoth: The Atlas leader who directed that joint operation. Also gave me the stealth cloak. I like her.
    Robin: Claims the Legion only makes trouble, and that Atlas just wants us for cannon fodder.
    Box: Thinks I'm a cyborg. Friendly.
    Terrilius: Lives in the base. Seems to be here to learn about us.

    - Combat -

    Peaceful or violent:
    Weapon (if applicable): Their favorite weapons are all Legion standards - a "Waraxe" shotgun, a "Stake" revolver and a "Lance" sniper. They do not carry the Waraxe and Lance together, ordinarily.
    Style of fighting: Precise and practiced. They're trained in long-range sniping as well as rapid scouting-reconnaissance. Fun stuff. In addition, they always, always wear their stealth cloak now.

    - Others -

    Occupation: Forlorn Legionnaire, Kobold Pattern, Private First Class.
    Current home: Baldr's Sanctum.
    Hobbies/past times: Mysteriously causing beneficial things to happen to other people.
    Guilty pleasures: None really.
    Pet peeves: Ungrateful people.
    Favorite colors: Brown, grey, khaki, forest green.

    - Gallery -
    Prior to "Operation Brown Bag"
    Following "Operation Brown Bag"
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    -Added relationships. Fork, Mix, Xex, Robin, Box and Terrilius all get to go on there to start with.
    -Fresh coat of paint.
    -Stealth cloak.