Kiren: Knight of Galdren

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    Name: Kiren
    Age: 20
    Date of Birth: Unimportant
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Galdrenian
    Religion: Christianity
    Theme Music: Square Hammer (Ghosts)
    Friends: On Galdren
    Enemies: None atm
    Citizenship Status: Ordained Knight
    Occupation: Knight
    Skills: Spearman, Crafter, ample fighter
    Personality: Noble and straightforward
    Phobias: Losing honor, Demons, Being disarmed
    Likes: Rum, honor, Good deeds, maidens.
    Dislikes: Those without honor, Mercenaries, Potatoe salad
    Extra: Always looking to help others

    Physical Appearance

    Physical Description:
    Tech and Augments used: Just a spear
    Height: 5,10
    Race: Hylotil
    Species: Blue and salmon skin color.
    Gender: Male

    Backstory and More

    On-going Story: An honorable knight who lies about being under another lord.
    Backstory: Born on Chesfin a planet in the planetary system under the Lord Stenhammer, He would enlist in the military at the ripe age of 14 and work his way up the ranks until he was dubbed knight. For years he served Stenhammer until he was framed for the murder of a nun. After the threat of execution from Galdren, he was forced to flee because of this he searches for a chance to redeem himself to his lord or find a new one to serve entirely.
    Spoilers: Nope
    Inspirations: Leofric from Last kingdom, Any knight from medieval movies.

    Reference Images
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