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    Kerebin is a cyan metal found generally in abandoned cuil-ridden areas. It has an ECF of exactly 1. It forms in mildly crystalline structures, and as the ECF increases it becomes more and more rigid in its formation.
    [Pictured above: A chunk of Kerebin formed at an ECF of 1.]
    [Pictured above: Kerebin that was formed inside of a hollow rock in an area with an ECF of 6, producing something that looks like a geode.]

    +Outside sources do not affect the ECF of Kerebin.
    +Outside ECF fields cannot permeate Kerebin’s own ECF.

    Conditional Abilities:
    +Containers made of this material cannot have the interior affected by external ECF fields, and vice versa.
    +The interior of a container of Kerebin retains the ECF level it was in before it was closed.

    -Turns into Lusnium dust after reaching an ECF of 11 or higher.
    -It is a soft metal like gold, meaning it cannot be used as effective armor.
    -Only forms in ECF levels of 1 or higher.
    -Only forms in areas where there is/was decaying life.
    -Weighs 0.20 lbs per cubic inch.
    -Requires ½” in order to not be able to be permeated by another ECF field.

    Conditional Limitations:
    -Forms exponentially more the higher the ECF is, with it actually growing in abundance of 6+ ECF.
    -Prefers forming in smaller cavities.
    -Kerebin in an alloy cannot make ECF-protected containers.

    How does it work:
    Kerebin itself contains an ECF field of 1 that cannot be changed and the field cannot be permeated by an outside ECF field after a certain thickness. Because of this, containers of Kerebin can be made to contain anomalies that emit their own ECF field or, if someone can obtain and refine enough, a suit that protects the wearer.

    Flavor text:
    A man handed a strange cyan box to the mercenary. “Now. Once y’find that… anomaly, put it in this. It’ll keep whatever shit it gives off from hittin’ ya and givin’ ya super-cancer.”

    Referenced Technologies:

    Attainability: Semi-Closed; Kerebin can only be found in abundance in areas with an ECF of 6+, additionally, please contact syntheticdeity#0227 or Cheffy#1647 if you are not staff and wish to have this material in a location/use it as a reward.

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    Failed. Something like this already exists in the setting: normantium (which in fairness could use a better lore page), which uses negative cuils to achieve nearly the same effect to insulate against cuil changes. An anomalous material that uses anomaly to insulate against anomaly doesn't make that much sense and clashes with our lore. Normantium is also hard to come by, which is the point- anomalies are dangerous, potentially destructive things that must be dealt with carefully, even to the point of seeking a highly valuable material to do so.

    In addition, the application has numerous flaws; materials don't turn into lusnium upon being exposed to a lot of cuils- this instead occurs when certain anomalous materials are exposed to negative cuils. This also contradicts with the fact that cuils cannot permeate kerebin; cuils must permeate a material in order for it to be changed by cuils at all. For example, even normantium can be bypassed if the ECF is high enough, requiring higher thicknesses of normantium in order to shield something from higher cuils. Also, there's not really any mention of what kerebin actually is; it forms most at 6‽, but from what? Every mineral forms from something- is it even a mineral? A new element? An anomalous allotrope of aegisalt? Cuils can and do have the ability to naturally form new substances and minerals due to altered chemical or anomalous effects, but they don't just spawn from nothing.

    In order for the application to be accepted, it would fundamentally need to serve a purpose different from normantium. Keep this in mind if you would like to reapply it. If your purpose is to use a cuil insulator in some event, like for transporting a dangerous anomaly, DM me about using normantium and we can work it out.
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    seconding the fail so that a second attempt can be made