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    General Information

    Indeterminate gender and age. Renaize ex-councilmember, citizen. Doctor, biologist, anarchist, artist, musician, cook, cannibal.
    Most people on Renaize know by now that they are a shifter. It is rarely discussed.

    Physical Appearance


    In public, Kera'tiv conceals their entire body with clothing and accessories. Their signature outfit is a high-vis jacket, cargo pants, winter boots, white latex gloves, bandanas covering their face and head and a pair of bright green ski goggles, allowing vision. When it is especially cold or they are in need of camouflage, they swap this outfit for white winter gear. Most of their clothing is clean and well taken care of, but still clearly worn from years (or even decades) of use.
    Kera is five foot ten, with an indeterminate build and weight. The bagginess of their clothing sometimes fluctuates, suggesting rapid changes in body weight.
    Kera does not speak. Instead, they make use of a primitive text-to-speech device embedded somewhere in their torso to communicate. If they are lucky enough to encounter an individual that speaks galactic sign language, they'll switch to that instead. Their TTS voice lacks emotion and proper pacing, which they compensate for with rather emotive body language.
    Refers to themselves as "we."


    Personality Type: ISFJ

    Political Ideology: Anarchist. Wary of all politicians; openly hostile to authoritarians.

    An extrovert, but an awkward one. On politics and other important matters, passionate and animated. Otherwise, quiet but not shy. Reluctant to speak about themselves. A poor and infrequent liar. When strangers approach and speak to them, they always seem surprised. Likes to read.
    Wants to see Renaize succeed, and remain a true anarchy. Distrustful of the Haven government, but willing to negotiate. Strongly dislikes Atlas... but also willing to negotiate.
    Loves raw meat, literature, sculpture, loud parties, thick snow, sex, weed, cigarettes, and alcohol.
    Loathes fire, sudden noises, tasers, and burials.


    "A- Deserter. We- Fled- Into- Water. Shed- Our- Skin-- And- Bled-- They- Did- Not- See- The- Gills- Before- We- Fell."

    Sharp-witted, he saw right through us. He has decided to trust us, we think.


    If we die, what will she bring back in our place?

    Dedicated to the cause. A strong fighter, healer, coworker and friend.

    You mean well. You help us now. But will you stand with us when it truly matters?

    Is it good that we have not seen her?

    Blue Eyes
    Cruel. They stand with us, but they are cruel.


    A creature unknown to us in body, but not mind. We can see this one is too comfortable with their ill-gained control.

    You were right. They were never fair to you.

    Strange and awful. He is of no interest to us.

    When once we were wary, now we are neutral.

    She has since seen stability. We agree often. We are on good terms.

    Hiram Moses Lee III
    A real cowboy!

    The Hive-Builder
    Familiar to us, but enigmatic. They have a grand vision. We appreciate it, but do not share.

    He has grown stronger in his place here. We trust him to mean well.

    Short-tempered, murderous, and childish. A tyrant-in-training. It will not end well between us, no matter how hard we try.

    Aggressive and discriminatory.

    The democratic state, too, holds great flaws. It is this one that proves it to be so.

    It seems like he tries. Genuine, or empty inside? We will see.

    Strong-willed. Short fuse? Were we unwise to trust her? We do not know of her crimes.

    Maur Teer
    We know what you really were.

    We don't know.

    The membranes of him are as clear as pure ice. We can see all of what is inside him, and know that it is not rotten.

    We didn't know. Still, he is our friend.

    The most curious of our infected kin. He is not bad, but he is silly. We cannot bring ourselves to regret frightening him.


    We wish we could do better than him. But we cannot.

    Purple Palm
    Born too soon. Gone too soon. A fleeting person. We couldn't save them. We couldn't even find the body.

    Responsible for Renaize's debt. This is frustrating. At least she is dedicated, and strong of will.

    Ry Fael
    A new infected and friend. We wish her the best, and we will help her where we can.

    Only we mourn her.


    Fascist. Disgusting. How we yearn to put this one where they belong. We must grow more thorns with every encounter, until they are pierced inside and out.

    Homesick, like us. Only we must be silent.

    A fellow healer, serious in mind and body. Unbigoted– there is kindness under the hard shell. It is a great shame that this one does not live in a fellow commune! Wink. Wink.

    Did us a service. We are grateful for this.

    A dictator and planet-killer. She feels regret. She will never restore what she has taken from us, but she will give us everything else.

    What a curious one. We yearn to know more.

    We have so much in common. Powerful fighter. Talented creator. A friend.

    A good healer and comrade in these hard times. Competent, driven.
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