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    General Information

    Name: Keola Makoa
    Age: 28
    Date of Birth: December 25th
    Sexuality: Unsure
    Nationality: Leoi
    Religion: Agnostic
    Theme Music: Cage the Elephant - No Rest for the Wicked
    Citizenship Status:
    Occupation: Racer
    Skills: Superb racing skills, charming as FUCK, agile.
    Personality: Calm, cool, and collected, yet also dangerously unhinged.
    Phobias: Slowing down.
    Likes: Racing, showing off, impressing people, competition
    Dislikes: Authority, violence, when things seem "too easy", cheating
    Extra: He's not a fan of talking about his past.

    Physical Appearance

    Physical Description: A reddish-brown and gray Analoa, with long gray hair. He's not very built, but he's not overweight, either. A bit on the lean side.
    Tech and Augments used: None
    Height: 4'11"
    Race: Leoi
    Species: Analoa
    Gender: Male

    Backstory and More

    On-going Story: Keola's drifted back into the Fringe, searching for another job that is in need of a top pilot. Or just another race. Whichever comes first.
    Backstory: Keola's always been a thrillseeker. Ever since he was a little kid, he's wanted to get out there, see what the world has to offer before he finally ends up kicking the bucket. When he was young, he took a particular interest in racing. Whether it was running down the beach, or flying across the galaxy, he was interested in it. Always trying to be a showman, Keola decided to challenge a few off-worlders to a race around the planet. He won...but he didn't exactly win the favor of his family. So, he left, taking the first transport off the planet to find a place he could really satisfy that racing spirit of his. He found it on some obscure city-planet that was known for their dangerous and illegal underground races. He came out on top, but it wasn't enough. So he left, going from planet to planet and climbing the ranks. Sometimes he won, sometimes he lost, but he never stuck to one place for long even if he was doing well. On the outside, he keeps his cool demeanor, but on the inside...he's troubled.
    Spoilers: Keola has a particularly bad burn on his chest, and has trouble hearing things at times. He's not a fan of fire, either. Lamps are cool though.
    Inspirations: I don't have any solid inspirations for this character, other than that the racing simply came to me when thinking about the character itself. So I guess I inspired myself? I dunno. Vroom vroom.
    Extra: Keola's never actually been in a relationship. This has been by choice. When asked about it, he simply replied with: "Never found anyone who could keep up, you know?"

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