Wearable Invisibility Cloaks

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    Name: Invisibility Cloaks

    Description: In their inactive state, invisibility cloaks are dull grey in color with a small hexagonal pattern covering the entirety of the exterior. Invisibility cloaks are often connected to a second, smaller device meant to be strapped onto the user’s arm or similar appendage. This device is the controller for the invisibility cloak, as well as where the battery is kept. Invisibility cloaks may also come in other forms, such as a tarp meant for hiding illegal goods.

    • Capable of turning almost totally invisible, hiding anything hidden within the cloak.
    • Offers greater flexibility and ease of use than other options. Could be worn, wrapped around an object, etc.
    • Capable of one hour of continuous use before having to be recharged.
    Conditional Abilities:
    • Aegisalt fabric insulates body heat. The devices’ nature as cloak means this shielding is imperfect, though it still partially hides the user from infrared cameras.
    • Cloaking is inferior to that of stealth bodysuits. Though fine when still, the cloak often blurs and shimmers when movement occurs.
    • Vulnerable to EMPs, which will destroy the cloaks sensors.
    • The user’s face, or eyes in the case of cloaks that come equipped with veils, are visible. This is often difficult to notice, especially from a distance.
    • Damaged portions of the cloak will show, potentially revealing the user’s position.
    Conditional Limitations:
    • Capable of being tricked by things it cannot replicate, such as being hit by a beam of light.
    • There is a slight half-second delay between the cloak being activated and turning invisible, during which it will appear to shimmer.
    How does it work: Like with other invisibility technology, nanosensor cells are layered upon the exterior of the cloak. These sensors, once activated, pick up their surroundings and mimic them using an active moving display. Due to having to account for the content’s of the invisibility cloak and it’s own movements, the effect created is often inferior to that of a stealth suit such as the HERMES when the user is not still.

    Flavor text: The first invisibility cloaks were invented long ago by the Glitch, though other species and organizations such as the USCM would eventually invent the cloaks on their own. Eventually their use would spread to the Fringe, first being used by smugglers before their use spread out to the general public.

    Referenced Technologies: HERMES MK XII Active Camouflage Suit

    Attainability: Open

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    Passed, basic extension of HERMES-type camo suit tech.
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    Passed. I see no issues.