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    Hi everyone. I'm posting this in an attempt to rehash an idea I've seen go quite well in a previous Starbound community I've been a part of, and I think the rationale behind having this idea implemented is something we can all agree on. This thread serves as an open invitation to any members of the community who want to take part in contributing to the growth of the server in the form of an ever-changing setting, via assistance in construction and updates on hubs.

    The reason I see this kind of thing as necessary is because for the most part, progress on hubs has always been slow, and for a variety of reasons. Among those reasons is perhaps the difficulty of hosting a separate server, building in and of itself, and the limitations and instability of Starbound as a whole. For me personally, I just can't build. I'm terrible at building and I know I'm not the only one, and it's not strictly staff's responsibility to build things even if some of us can, because a lot of us also can't. We all have ideas though; staff and regulars alike, and at the moment, the only ones that are able to get their ideas on the server are those who can build and are willing to put up with the hassle of whatever difficulties Starbound poses in order to do so. We can't get every idea into the server regardless, but I do have an idea of where we can start: We're trying to bring back Corrav through IC events such as multiple characters now having a stake in property there, and now through help with this idea of a build team that I'd like to organize.

    If anybody would like to contribute some of their time toward assisting us, please do post here that you're interested in helping with images referencing some of your work. When it comes time to take part in one of these projects, we'll DM or tag you in our Discord, start a separate server, and get straight to it.
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    Hey yo! I got some images

    Building I am working on (No Longer Current Version)

    An old hanger/shipping area under a mountain

    Small bar and kitchen area


    Artificial Hill


    Old Version of a player home


    Factionless Underground Bunker


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