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    // Surfing across the Nexus, one could find an ad on random websites. It's a simple banner with a text to click if you're interested in upcoming journalism. After clicking the ad it redirects to a rather obscure site that resembles more of a blog than an actual news site. //

    Independent News
    A Touch
    of Blues!

    My name is Stefan Kramp, I am over my 30's and currently unemployed in means of official jobs. In reality I am a deep journalism enthusiast that roams the known systems in search of stories, dialogues and opinions about anything. With A Touch of Blues. I had decided to make my work more public instead of donating articles to local enterprises. That is how Independent News with A Touch of Blues got created. I will start my work with prying through doors of people that influence the entire Fringe system. Sometimes it'll be a dialogue, sometimes an article. Sometimes a funny comic.
    Or sometimes.... a mystery? with A Touch of Blues.
    The Independent News with A Touch of Blues is a free-for-use website and it is going to be that way, but if you feel like supporting my website then I will be grateful even for a fraction of a pixel.
    Expect some Blues soon.
    Stefan Kramp
    // Under the text is a link that leads to Independent News' Nexonite, a website that lets you donate any amount of money per month to people. //
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    //User D19923 sets a monthly donation of 50px as well as an initial 1000px that is then immediately discontinued moving forward.
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