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    Hub Guidelines

    Hubs on GC are player-built locations that are added to the server to provide a setting for roleplay; they have potential to be central parts of the server's story and are meant to be dynamic settings where roleplay can affect the entire hub, rather than the owner "railroading" the hub into what they want it to be. There are many hubs on GC that are player-built, and these guidelines will list out rules and guidelines for attempting to submit a hub, the rules on a hub owner's consent, and general guidelines when managing a hub. For all intents and purposes, hubs are considered a part of GC lore.

    All of the main hubs on GC can be accessed using any teleporter item. If your hub is submitted and accepted, message a staff member and they will list it on the teleporter if it is a main hub.

    Hub Submission

    Hubs on GC are central parts of lore, and therefore must have adequate lore written for them, as well as an adequate number of players supporting it and an adequate attention from the owner themself.
    • Main hubs require at least 3 active players to "cosign" your hub to indicate community approval; these cosigners may help in the hub creation process. This can be done in a private PM group with the players and the staff org team. Cosigners must be players that have aided in the hub's lorewriting and preferably should have an active position in the hub ICly.
    • Hubs must have a written geography codex sent to staff, which must include lore such as the local astrography and geography of the hub, its culture, economy, etc. This is always the second step after obtaining your cosigners and does not guarantee the submission of your hub.

    • Rules #1 and #2 only apply to main hubs: hubs that are listed on the teleporter list, which inherently gain more attention. Any hub may be submitted as long as it follows staff discretion, though it will not be listed on the teleporter list. This includes private hubs such as player houses or event hubs.

    • Main hubs must be actively given attention by the owner to be on the teleporter list. If the owner of a hub suddenly becomes inactive for over a month, is permanently banned, or otherwise and cannot run the hub, another player may take control of it as the owner. If not, the hub is removed from the teleporter list. Active attention includes updating the hub as needed and keeping updates on things, as well as providing a dynamic story environment that is interesting to RP in.

    • To submit a hub, simply send your lore to the org team in a private PM with your cosigners. Also, if the hub is already built, provide screenshots. If it is accepted, provide a moderator with the world file of the planet and they will add it to the server.

    • By submitting a hub, you are essentially donating it to the server. Upon approval of a hub and its lore, both are considered to be owned by Galaxy Citizen, although the Hub Creator may keep honorary creative ownership of the hub in matters such as requesting its removal - in which case, Staff will determine whether to grant creative ownership back to the Hub Creator, or not.

    Hub Consent Rules

    Hub owners also have limited consent to what happens to their hub. Hubs are considered a part of GC lore and thus have no OOC protection against IC entities, as long as there is reason for a scenario such as invasion. These rules are put in place to allow better interaction between hubs with the rest of the server setting. Invasions are considered to be events, and as such must be talked about with staff.
    • Hub owners do not have consent against IC invasion or occupation, as long as it is reasonable. Hub owners should have actual players defending their hubs, or enlist the aid of some IC entity to defend it if needed.

    • Hub owners have consent to prevent major damage from happening on their hubs, such as structural damage from things such as explosives. Minor damage such as breaking furniture or windows is not protected with consent, but must have IC reason.

    • If the hub owner is not present to clarify an issue of consent, and the issue is reasonably urgent, consent is in the hands of staff.

    Other Hub Owner Guidelines
    • You may not powergame to enforce rules of your hubs, and likewise you may not enforce a separate set of OOC rules than GC's rules in your hub (unless minor and cleared with staff).

    • Hub owners are expected to keep updates on their hubs as needed, or have other people update it for them by providing the world file.

    • Hub owners may not restrict any type of RP on their hub. IC players must enforce any type of law on the hub.

    • Hubs should have some method of allowing player interaction, whether it be through a government, police force, or having it tied with some faction.

    • For the purpose of these guidelines, we are differentiating Hub Creator from Hub Owner. The creator is the person who built the hub, while the owner is the one who actively manages and runs the hub IC and OOC. Creating the hub OOC does not necessarily mean you have IC ownership of it, unless negotiated with the staff team.

    Hub Owners & Hub Creators:
    • A Hub Creator may request the removal of a hub for any IC and OOC reason. However, it will be up to staff to determine whether or not the request will be approved of, and the IC and OOC reasons considered justified, as the location cannot simply disappear from the universe without proper IC justification.

    • After submitting a hub and its lore, only the hub can be requested for removal. The lore, however, once submitted will remain part of Galaxy Citizen's codex, meaning only the hub will qualify as the Hub Creator's creative property.

    • A Hub Owner may not hold creative ownership of the hub unless explicitly granted it by the Hub Creator themself.
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