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    //A post, originating from several news stations around the nexus, has been making the circuits. It has no reason to be circulating as it is, yet it still has made its rounds throughout those backwater channels so many call home online; treasure hunters, bounty fiends, and homeless mercenary companies alike all seem to be homing in on it.

    The catch? The post is of a single, small town, recently abandoned and left to rot in the middle of a desert. Though there are rumors of riches and treasures below the dunes, the town itself is utterly unremarkable. The planet is not in a great position for trade, nor is it situated for industry; the hype, along with a single manse of decent wealth, is its only saving grace.

    Still, this planet, dubbed Heartless, is fertile ground for those looking to stake a claim in this galaxy, and many plot to take it. With a group of men, anyone could do it; there might even be something worthwhile there.


    This is planned to be an on-server exploration event requiring characters to explore a small town to scout the place out.

    The reward for a successful completion? Ownership of the town and further events.

    Each involved character should have a defined reason for wanting be there or owning a piece of land; they should not just be looking for loot. I get the appeal, but I want to take this further (and also introduce a hub off of this.) Once done, the hub will be a place where people will be able to run on-server events without much oversight; send me a DM, and we'll get it set up. In addition, I plan to have it as mutable as possible; all it will take to change it is a mention and an IC reason.

    Tentatively, this event is planned for the 30th of December at 2:00 PM CST. I will prioritize applicants with new characters. Apply below with the following format:

    Character name:

    I hope to see you there! I plan on taking at least five people. My discord tag is ninernount.))
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    Character name: Lorette
    Motivation: Establish private lab/base away from prying eyes.
    Race: Human (FEV infected)
    Equipment: Lightly armoured voidsuit, plasma rifle, ballistic pistol, energy dash, visitant cuilometer, basic medical supplies, one dose of mana.
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    Character name: Rainkisser
    Motivation: Loot and conquest. However, this character also considers real estate to be 'loot.'
    Race: Floran
    Weapons- Combustive seed pods, flint-tree cones (smaller flammable seedpods, for igniting the combustive seed pods), poisoned dagger (deadly neurotoxin), hunting knife, javelin with amentum.
    Other equipment- Pemmican-like rations, sour fermented drink in waterskin, animal fat soap, animal fat candles, lucky pouch, herbal medicine kit (decent enough to stabilize most serious injuries)
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    Character name: Mia
    Motivation: Looking for a place to set up operations for pursuing personal goals, something with sufficient equipment already is preferable. Computing/Biological Lab
    Race: Android
    Augments: ZPEM-Arm, Gravskates
    Equipment: Stealth Suit, Modified Plasma-pistol (can overcharge a battery and launch it like a grenade), Extra Batteries, Vibro-knife, Water (for cooling)
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    CHARACTER NAME: Wesley Tin
    MOTIVATION: Colonization, acquiring land and resources, making friends :)
    RACE: Synthetic

    • Weapons: 'Sneeze' (Mote Revolver), Atlas Corp. lever-action gauss rifle, archaic sword (falchion)
    • Misc: Backpacking equipment (Sleeping pad, 2 weeks 'mush' rations, 2 liters of water, 5x bandannas, 2x fuel bottles, camp stove & lighter, large tarp, 50 ft. paracord, backcountry medkit w/synthskin, flashlight), 'Vicarius' light armor, survival knife, tincture of Bone Pain Juice
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    Character Name: Storm Lucibello
    Motivation: Establish a base of operations for a privately owned Mercenary company and bar where they can perform
    Race: Human
    Equipment: Boltcaster Rifle, Plasma Handgun, Flashbang, Hardlight dagger, Personalized Combat armor.
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    Character Name: Skylar Lucibello
    Motivation: Establish a secure base of operations for a Mercenary/Contract company and bar
    Race: Human
    • Weapons: Boltcaster rifle, coil-handgun, flashbang, hardlight dagger
    • Misc: Utility knife first aid kit, personalized combat armor, water canteen and nutrient-bars
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