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    The Holy Dominion of Nova Australasia aspires from the Fringe's local USCM, going from a military junta to authoritarian monarchism. Originally consisting purely of xenophobic Terrans and synthetics, now it's ran by Nephilim (native term for Shin'kali, widely seen as their saving grace.)


    It all began with the USCM sending out a large colonization fleet over 30 years ago. Said fleet stumbled upon the system named Nova Australasia where primitive Floran fought somewhat less primitive Hylotl.

    A long lasting war between the three groups emerged, the USCM successfully quelling Floran and Hylotl activity to mere guerrilla warfare within the vast rainforests of Aquila yet never truly defeating them.

    After complete isolation for many years the local USCM of Nova Australasia entered the OFTO, where the Quadrant General Victor Macbeth revitalised his long lasting friendship with the Caliph, Syed al-Quiche.

    The USCM fought alongside Purgatory, ICIF, Atlas and many others against nations such as the United Asteroids of Clop Clop and the USSS till the OFTO fell apart, reducing most formerly forged relations to loose ones. USCM's death toll was surprisingly low in these conflicts and not even a single vessel was lost.

    The nation had a pact with the Shin'kali, to prevent a virus outbreak in return for cooperation, albeit that didn't stop a vigorous Royal from infiltrating their ranks and consequently causing a vast outbreak amongst the high-ranking officers. With those without the neural implants under her command, she proceeded to swiftly take control of the people via exploits within the said implants. The Quadrant General disappeared without a trace alongside the Lieutenant General Valkyrie Aksakov and a couple of other members of his General staff.

    A sudden conversion to the occult began, the people easily converted whilst an internal struggle began. The eccentric religion didn't last long and eventually Orthodox Christianity became the official religion thanks to influence from the Caliphate.

    Following Blackhelm's unexpected invasion, the population was evacuated en masse and thus migrated into ICIF space, where they settled upon their moon base, Alharis. The exodus was rough, the Nova Australasians leaving behind almost everything that wasn't aboard a ship or easily moved, therefore, losing many religious and cultural monuments.

    Now, the Holy Dominion is rebuilding beneath the surface of Alharis, quickly expanding in accommodation as well as establishing a stable economy through trade. Erchius fuel, formerly being a struggle at the system of Nova Australasia, now commonly mined from the moon. The moon's underground caverns are being terraformed for organic production as well as settling whilst expansion is slowly progressing onto the desolate surface. Some of the cities even have artificial sunlight as well as an illusionary sky, such being the capital, Constantinople. The population now fallen to two billion.

    (from The Fall of Gyes)

    Government and Military

    As stated before, the Holy Dominion is an authoritarian monarchy ruled over by Malacoda the First of Nova Australasia. Other than her despotic rule, there's her senate consisting of former generals, admirals and regular politicians, and there's the Ecumenical Patriarch, the highest figure in the Orthodox Church of the Fringe.

    Her people are always kept an eye on, especially now that the neural implants are becoming less and less popular. There are the Speculatores as well as the Clerical Tribunals, the former directly and only answering to the Empress.

    The military hasn't gone through many changes over the years, past the addition of divisions, such as the Royal Guard of which the Praetorians are the most famous, while the Shock Troopers have remained the regular elite. Although, a revamp of the standard infantry occurred, hence being renamed to the Nova Australasian Legion.

    The Silvershirts have been a long lived paramilitary, its roots originating from the local militias established to fend off Hylotl and Floran insurgents. These utterly chauvinistic men have become the unofficial image of Nova Australasian proletarian nationalism, consisting purely of native Terrans with a burning passion for their people and home.

    The USCM shined in the field of synthetic engineering and an offspring of that was the ESU program. Fast, strong and expandable, the Experimental Synthetic Units have lately been used as surveillance and reconnaissance tools within the lawless parts of the Fringe.

    Perhaps almost hand in hand with their investment in synthetic technologies, the Dominion, while improving on them, also work to better study the Shin'kali, keeping in check their Husk task forces, optimizing genetic purity and with the help of Drones, branching into more biomechanical areas of research.

    Present Matters

    The official lingos are Galactic Common as well as Latin, Latin being used excessively for formal things.

    Terran Credits have been kept as the currency from the beginning and they're used to this day, albeit the Holy Dominion using its own string; Nova Australasian Terran Credits.

    The nation is well diverse in its own right, in fact there's a handful minorities such as the Papists, Protestants, Anglican and even Sunni. Species-wise, there's been a bloom in xenos caused by a vivid resurrection of slavery. There have been minor seditions as Gnosticism, however they are quickly quelled, suggesting the state is closer to sectarianism than xenophobia these days.

    Trading with the preexisting Shin'kali since the takeover has granted the Holy Dominion access into Ascended space, this certainly being a honour for them, seeing just how uncommon such authorisation is.

    Recently, the Holy Dominion has laid claim on parts of New Basra, owning vast farmland as well as a small colony by the name of Alexandria while possessing stakes in governmental mining.

    Nova Australasia also played a role in the destruction of Haven's industrial district, Corrav. In fact, it was the same Royal that leads the Holy Dominion that offered them help on behalf of Saif Cassio and, thereafter, landed the Hive's ships on Corrav prior to orbital bombardment.