Hemlock Weapons & Colonial Systems

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    hemlock.nex is a rather competently put together website, advertising the products of a fringe based military industrial company.

    "For when you can't afford to lose."

    Hemlock as a company specializes in providing you the highest quality equipment for half the price of our competitors! With all the hardware a fledgling colony could need for self defense and expansion, all hemlock equipment is guaranteed easy to maintain and flexible in its usage. From hardy weapons to amphibious vehicles, Hemlock promises it all and a little more, for when you can't afford to lose.

    HL CR-33.png CR-33: 900 Px.
    The classic CR-33 is your best friend through thick and thin. Lightweight yet durable, this modern assault rifle fires .223 caliber rounds at 800 rpm and with a standard magazine capacity of 30 rounds.

    HL CR-33 Gauss.png CR-33 Gauss: 1100 Px.
    A modern twist on a classic weapon, the CR-33 Gauss carries a greater magazine capacity of 45 on account of it firing standardized .23 gauss rounds at 950 rpm. Great for area denial.

    HL MNR-21.png MNR-21: 650 Px.
    When it comes to style, you can't go wrong with the MNR-21. Its .44 magnum rounds kick like a mooshi with each of the 5 shots in the cylinder, all whilst looking stylish and modern yet true to its roots in the revolvers of old.

    HL BAR-52-AP.png BAR-52: 2300 Px.
    The BAR-52 semiautomatic rifle is all you need when it comes to destruction at a distance. The BAR-52 fires .338 across long distances with a range of around 2200 meters.

    HL COL-77.png COL-77: 750 Px.
    The COL-77 is a fully automatic submachine gun chambered in 9 mm rounds. With a magazine capacity of 50 rounds and a fire rate of 1100 RPM.

    HL SG-71.png SG-71: 950 Px.
    An automatic shotgun, the SG-71 can fire 14 full 12 gauge shells at a staggering rate of fire, offering great stopping power.


    Basilisk RSV.png Basilisk RSV Technical.png Basilisk RSV:

    90 000 Px unarmed / 99 999 Px armed
    The basilisk RSV, or Remote Service Vehicle, is a battery driven offroad powerhouse. With a maximum range of 100 kilometres and a recorded top speed of 126 km/h, the basilisk RSV can respond to almost any situation. It's also a highly versatile platform for any purpose from border control to transport. The basilisk cabin is fully airtight, bulletproof and climate controlled.

    Basilisk RSV Halftrack.png Basilisk RSV Halftrack Technical.png Basilisk Halftrack:

    120 000 Px unarmed / 129 999 Px armed
    The halftrack variant of the basilisk RSV takes many of the great capabilities of the traditional basilisk, but combines it with greater offroad capabilities at the cost of a reduced top speed (90 km/h).

    Salamander HT-71.png Salamander HT-71 .50 CAL.png Salamander HT-71 Coilgun.png Salamander HT-71 Dumbfire Missile Rack.png Salamander HT-71:

    160 000 px unarmed / 180 000 px .50 CAL / 200 000 px coilgun / 250 000 dumbfire missile rack
    The Salamander Heavy Transport is in every sense of the word an armored personnel carrier. This amphibious mega truck can easily crawl over most terrain all while any cargo or personnel inside the airtight, bulletproof cabin remain safe and secure. The salamander can easily carry upwards of 10 tonnes of cargo or up to 14 passengers.

    Minotaur-79116.png Minotaur-79116 Plasma.png Minotaur-79116 Laser.png Minotaur-79:

    300 000 px 120mm cannon / 370 000 plasma cannon / 320 000 laser cannon
    The Minotaur-79 MBT is among the heaviest compliments in the Hemlock catalog. With a diverse set of equally devastating weaponry, the Minotaur-79 is built to crush blockades, as well as deal with other armoured threats across long distances with pinpoint accuracy.

    Zephyr-11 Heavy Class.png Zephyr-11 Heavy Class:

    160 000 px
    The Zephyr-11 heavy class, often called the "Skypup" by its crews is a heavy transport for passengers and cargo alike, as well as fire support for deploying crews. The zephyr-11 heavy class is also fully space capable, and cleared for flight into low to medium planetary orbits.

    Hemlock also provides a variety of products and services for fledgeling colonies, such as water purification, mining and manufacturing systems, industrial vehicles and various munitions.
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