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    The Haven Times
    Good evening my dear readers - I'm Ordicus Strigis, editor-in-chief of the Haven Times. This isn't an ordinary edition of the Haven Times, but rather a series of interviews of all types of people throughout the Fringe; we will find out what their lives are like, their accomplishments, their take on events, and more.

    My ventures for this particular interview brought me to the mysterious world of Garlen. One could call the world of Garlen a "glitch in the matrix"; there are many who claim the world is entirely artificial, while many others claim it to not even reside in this galaxy. Regardless, there is one woman who has taken to operating a business within a valley of this mysterious world: Belle Parry.

    Belle Parry is a very well-known figure in Garlen, having operated and owned the bar "Winston's" since Garlen first unveiled itself to the Greater Fringe Teleporter Network. The bar Winston's is named after Belle's bar, kitchen, and security assistant, an Echo named Winston.

    O: "How many customers do you have per day?"
    B: "Alright...uh...not too many actually, but it's not so bad. The customers that do drop by generally...don't cause any trouble and sometimes there's a little influx of tourism, I guess you could say."

    O: "Any problems with the local wildlife?"
    B: "Mmm..." There'd be a pause, "...Here and there, but the wildlife generally keeps its distance. The trees aren't so dense in this area and most of the animals don't like to stray out of the trees."

    O: "Interesting. I've heard people compare the wildlife here to Space Australia's. I've heard that the drinks here... 'magically' regenerate? Is this true?"
    B: "U-uh..." There'd be another long pause, "...Yeah. The selection on the shelf does. But I do import a wider selection of drinks from Fulminate Breweries."

    O: "So you don't have to pay for the shelf selection, convienient! Does this fact help your profits at all?"
    B: "It...helps enough. Like, I...charge just two pixels for whatever people want off the shelf, and since that's a lot of it, it helps me keep everything else that I buy myself really cheap too. I...end up being able to serve a lot of things I pay out of pocket for at even less of a cost than I paid for it."

    O: "Fascinating. What do you think this world - Garlen - actually is? Is it just a random planet?"
    B: Another long pause, "...I...don't know. I don't really wanna...act like I do? That kind of stuff is way over my head."

    O: "I see, I see. Does it bother you that the Occasus is so close?"
    B: She'd quirk another frown, thinking about that one for another long while, "Sometimes. Yeah. I see a few of them pretty frequently- and I don't mind as long as no trouble comes from it. Like, I don't wanna fight. And they seem to get that. They've...mostly respected my boundaries. I just kinda wish they'd see that there's plenty worth saving."

    O: "I heard that a 'large forcefield' here recently dissipated. Are you excited about exploring other parts of Garlen?"
    B: "I *was*, but I don't wanna run into trouble." She'd pause for a few seconds, again, "I tried to go up the mountain a while ago, with some binoculars and stuff to see the view from up there and take a look around, but had to go back."

    O: "I also heard there's a desert far from here, but it's covered in a massive sandstorm. Know anything about that?"
    B: She'd shake her head slowly, "...Not a thing. I've only been so far out into the forest, and that was just to go fishing and stuff."

    O: "Fascinating. Thank you for answering my questions, Belle, that will be all. But before I stop - anything to say to the people of Haven? A message?"
    B: "Not a problem, and uh..." Another pause while she thinks of something to say, "...Watch for me in the CLB next season!"

    Belle is a wonderful woman to talk to, and her dedication to her establishment can be a great example to all business owners. Tune in for our next interview soon, with Dr. Adela Rodriguez!

    // The article ends, leaving a section where people may comment or share. \\

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    // User "M@CK" leaves a comment //

    Hey do they need a janitor or does the garbage disappear too
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    // User THR3 would directly reply to this comment //

    No, food scraps and such have to be dealt with like in any other establishment. Though recently we've had quite a few reports of something ransacking our garbage bins. Perhaps some wildlife. If you would like to inquire with employment, though, you'll have to speak directly with Belle.
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    // User, "JingleBelles" would respond to the news post, finally. //

    Hey, it's me! Thanks again for stopping by; it was nice talking to you, even out of the interview. You're welcome here any time!
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