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    The Haven Times

    Hello my dear readers; thank you for reading this week's edition of the Haven Times. I'm Ordicus Strigis, editor-in-chief, here to bring you the news. Today marks Haven's seasonal election season for the Senate and Grand Protector, the last one for the year. During Haven's democratic election, any citizen may step up to run for the Senate or Grand Protector. During the election season, we at the Haven Times will be bringing you live updates of who's running and who's leading in the polls. If you are a citizen and want to run, simply contact the Haven Election Board ((dm me)).

    In other news, the Senate has recently passed a controversial decision to declare the Occasus as a terrorist organization. High Judge Urnaris Oog, a Floran judge from the Yggdrasil District, issued a motion Tuesday to block the decision based on the grounds of it violating the religious rights clause of the Haven constitution. Many have criticized High Judge Oog's decision, but many have also supported it, such as High Judge Sofia de Bianchi of the Rendera District, who vehemently supports Oog.

    A small series of disappearances have been reported in New Corrav. Though the number does not beat the number of strange disappearances in the Rendera District, it alarms many. If you've seen any of the missing, please contact the New Corrav Guard. Speaking of Rendera, another woman, Fiora Romana, has gone missing; when will the guard figure out what's going on? All of the reported missing persons are young women below the age of 30. Rumors are floating about claiming that a serial killer is on the loose. Regardless, if you are in Rendera, stay safe reader.

    Finally, the Zephyr Cloud Festival is expected to take place this weekend. Expect more information soon.

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    // Lith would open the other headlines //
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