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    Handwavium, the umpteenth known substance in the order of sub-erchioids, which are substances similar to erchius, sharing traits such as its different phase allotropes but are not true erchius isotopes.

    A semitransparent crystalline substance, blue like Galaxy Citizen to the colour. Handwavium is smooth yet coarse, light yet heavy and strong yet brittle, all at the same time. Oddly, the physical traits of handwavium seems to alter slightly depending on the observer with each person often having differing ideas of the properties a single measure of the substance exhibits. It's unsure if the above described appearance is the true appearance of handwavium or rather just the scientific consensus.

    + Quantum Fluctuant: Handwavium is described as a “quantum fluctuant”, able to exhibit and induce any feasible (and unfeasible) traits in both itself and in other materials. The induced traits are dependent on the observer and the ideas they carry about the substance.
    + Shapeshifting: Through careful application of “observed reality”, handwavium can take any shape known (and not known) to the greater galaxy.

    - Handwaved Technology: In order for handwavium to function, it requires an infusion of kinetic energy. Though the energy required is small it must be administered in a very specific manner. The easiest way to do so discovered so far is with a gentle wave of the hand.

    How does it work?:
    Although the exact microscopic structure of handwavium has eluded scientists for the greater part of the last few decades, what is known is that the substance seems to directly interface with the quantum flux of the universe. This interface seems to tear at the very fabric of reality, allowing the observer to influence the makeup, shape, and properties of the material.

    This must however be carefully done, through an expression of “observed reality”. Observed reality is a metric of true reality, or quantum reality. Although this can be manipulated to some extent by an observer, in order for greater alterations to manifest, one must manipulate the quantum foam directly. This is easiest accomplished through a unique kind of electron gun (often called the “objective canon”). This canon directly influences the quantum reality of handwavium, allowing it to exhibit any traits desired by the observer.

    Flavour text:
    The substance was discovered on a small moon, somewhere in the western fringes of the galaxy. Constantly bombarded by ionizing rays from its host star, it led to much disagreement from the explorers who first discovered it, one convinced the sample looked like an alien artifact, another that it looked like a unique and exotic mineral, and another convinced it was a yellow rubber ducky. What’s curious to note is that the latter scientist had no previous experience of yellow rubber duckies.

    Referenced technologies: Erchius, Karonium, Critum, Reality


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