Wearable Gravity Fists

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    Originally posted by Zachlion

    Name: Gravity Fists

    Description: Either built into the arm or simple gauntlets, they all have thick durasteel metal plates on them, which is where the punch lands. Along with this is the technology that is used to create a gravitic field.

    - Same abilities as a gravity hammer, but scaled down, so it wouldn't deal as much of a large effect on the person being punched. However, the damage done will still be signifecent, and can still bend in armor and break bones.
    - However, unlike the gravity hammer, its much faster to use and harder to dodge

    Conditional abilities (optional):
    - Pretty good at breaking down locked wooden doors

    - Harder to bend in tougher materials
    - If the arm/gauntlet is broken mid swing, it will have the same effect as a gravity hammers head being broken mid swing, but having much smaller of an explosion, and most likely just exploding the arm

    Conditional limitations (optional):
    - Switching directions is still hard
    - Hard for those with weak bones to use
    - Quite heavy compared to normal gauntlets
    - When EMPed, it breaks and needs to be repaired.

    How does it work: Using almost the same exact technology as a gravity hammer, the only difference being that it uses fists instead of a war hammer, and scaled down to be used in such a way.

    Flavor text: With the success of the gravity hammer, many people began to wonder if such technology could be scaled down and used in different types of weaponry. What they got out of this was the 'Gravity Fists', which could be utilized by ground troops against anyone that came close to them, or breaking down doors without using ammo or explosives. These gauntlets became such a success that they were later built into some arms, given to those that could use them.(Such as an android, or those that have lost an arm).

    Referenced Technologies (optional): Gravity Hammers

    Attainability: Open

    Tags: Military
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