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    A Store for ALL Your Needs.

    //A minimalistic webpage pops up upon opening, revealing a list of services the company provides.//


    We're offering a multitude of services. Take a look below and let us know on what you need.

    Shipments & Transportation:
    Found yourself on a barren planet with no escape? Simply wishing to transport your militia's worth of
    military-grade cybernetics to a newly built bunker? Worry not about hefty travel fees or shady suspicions
    about your shipment's safety. We strive to deliver you OR your goods to your desired destination in a timely
    anner, no loss of goods is guaranteed- including you!

    Weapons/Cybernetics Transportation: 1000px - 4500px (Depending on amount and composition.)

    People: 140px * [Amount of people] (Price varies depending on destination distance.)

    Freelancer Work:
    Do you need something less specific, more freeform? Feel free to contact us with any
    work ranging from bounty hunter services, protection, single-target elimination, and more.
    A wide variety in the crew composition allows us to take jobs with the best chance of success.

    Weapons and Cybernetics:
    Our storefront of cybernetics are created for a wide array of purposes, whether it's just simple life-
    improving eye-implants, or heavy-duty weaponry loaded into your wrists.
    Products List:

    Contract Work:
    Ok, alright- do you need something even MORE specific? Try contacting us with a detailed request
    of whatever job offer you have, and we will send a member to assist you- if they are available and exists,
    of course.

    Job Opportunities:
    Do you happen to be a bounty hunter/contract worker/engineer/metalworker/starship fighter/janitor/etc?
    We believe that any worker who has notable in any abilities deserve a platform to show their strengths
    to the world. If you are ever looking for a place to show your skills and get involved in jobs that suit your skillset
    the best, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be sure to take you in, given that you are consistent in your work.

    Submit your requests, and we will contact you privately for further specifications.
    (Contact information is listed here.)
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