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    Name: Freeze Rays, Freeze Beams [​IMG]

    How ironic, a laser that decreases temperature instead of increasing it. Freeze rays, in appearance, are simply projections of energy that release heat from matter; in appearance, they most typically are the color blue or cyan and give off a fog near its beam as water vapor in the air is chilled. The size of the ray tends to vary on the weapon itself; rays can be wide, like rays, but decrease temperature at a slower rate. However, a concentrated beam can lower the temperature of a small area to near cryogenic temperatures in only a few seconds.

    • Rapidly lowers the temperature of targeted matter.
      Width can be adjusted.
    • Wider rays will decrease the rate of temperature drop, and also decrease range.
    How does it work:
    Freeze rays are projections of energy that cause the temperature of matter inside the projection to lower, shunting heat out of the projected field or beam and thus rapidly lowering the temperature out of it. It is typically created by a laser projected through a metametallic lens that charges the beam or ray with a quantum field that disperses temperature.

    Flavor text:
    Created by Humans and Apex at contemporary times hundred of years ago, freeze rays were used industrially to rapidly freeze objects for scientific testing, but also found use in weaponry as a cryogenic weapon, used much like laser weaponry is but with freeze beams or rays instead.

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