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    Welcome to the forums
    This post serves as a guide to inform users briefly on how to use the basic functions of this forum. I will try to keep it simple and short.


    Formatting on forums is usually done with something that is known as "BBCode". BBCode is basically a set of standardized tags that you can put inside your posts to manipulate the output (e.g. making a text linked via the tag or creating a list with [LIST]...lp/bb-codes/']official XenForo community page.
    When creating or editing a post, you can also switch the view to the BB Code editor (button at the top right of the editor toolbar) to see the formatted text more clearly. This can be useful when your formatting is being iffy.

    If you have other things you want me to bring up here, feel free to PM me on here or on Discord.
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Thread Status:
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