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    Name: Forgeling (Ignis camini)
    Forgelings are fiery phase matter organisms that enjoy the company of people. They are blobs of red hot fire with two bright white eyes and a large mouth suitable for gulping down fuel or food. They are often kept as pets for cooks or blacksmiths, where they are used for their heat. When fed fuel or food, they combust it and use it as fuel for their flames. This process is much more efficient than conventionally burning fuel, and forgelings can grow larger and hotter the more they eat. Forgelings are fine with living in stoves, fireplaces, forges, etc., as they enjoy both the company of people and a supply of food, and their caretakers enjoy having an efficient (and cute) source of fuel.

    Forgelings are simple organisms, evolved to maintain a very high body temperature so that they can live in very hot environments; their brain is held within the center of their amorphous bodies, and they lack any other nerve endings, meaning they do not feel tactile sensation. The rest of their body is composed of phased enzymes that act to rapidly digest things it eats, producing a large amount of heat through an exothermic reaction. Forgelings can control their flames to an extent and will try not to burn anything they touch; sometimes, though, they just can't help it.

    Behavior: Forgelings are very calm creatures despite emitting fire. While not fed after a while, forgelings become small and a dim red glow, with barely any heat coming off of them. Caretakers of forgelings do their best not to let this happen, as the forgeling may begin to try and eat things of its own volition, potentially causing fires. They will generally stay in one place unless they are very hungry.

    Tamability: Forgelings are very docile creatures, and are fine with being taken away from their usual environments. As long as forgelings have company and food, they will burn happily.

    Where is it found?: Forgelings can be found in very hot places, usually in areas of higher than average ECF. They are common in the Undercrypt layer of Tartarus, where they are often brought to Boreas to act as hearths and fuel to protect against the frigid cold. They can tolerate a wide variety of environments, though they dislike environments that are too wet.

    Rarity: Uncommon

    Diet/Method of gaining nutrients and energy: They engulf fuel or food with their mouths and rapidly digest it.

    Products?: Heat.

    Reproduction: Forgelings, when they become big from a lot of feeding, sometimes split to form two different forgelings that are genetically identical.

    Size: Depends on how often they are fed. The larger they are, the hotter they become and the more food they require to sustain that size. Theoretically, if you could feed one enough, they could get large enough to the point where they have trouble keeping their shape.

    Weight: Very light

    Lifespan: Theoretically, forgelings can live forever, though their largest cause of death is simply starvation, as they require a lot of food over their lives.

    • Burns with hot flames when fed fuel or food. The more frequent its feedings are, the bigger and hotter it becomes.
    • Can be a source of heat for things such as stoves, fireplaces, forges, etc.
    • Relies on proximity to food and oxygen to survive. If there is no food, oxygen, or it is smothered in some way such as with water, it will die. Forgelings must maintain a very high body temperature, so exposure to cryogenic temperatures may kill them.
    • If not fed for a while, they will become hungry and try to seek food on their own, becoming a fire hazard.
    • Though it is more resistant to plasma than most phase matter organisms, it is still weak to it.
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    Simple enough. I'll give the firey bois a pass.