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    Folklore constitutes information about the setting that is available for character consumption, and in all contexts come from IC Interpretations of lore and ongoing interactions. The key is that Folklore may not be entirely factual, and may stay grounded in reality or become something quite spectacular.

    Information & Guidelines
    1. Follow the main posting rules
    2. Do not plagiarize existing content
    3. Posts may be either IC or OOC, but please specify which.

    The first post should always be treated as the Master Post, and will be where updates, reductions, and addendum happen as to make the submissions easier to read for your fellow community member. You may post a reply to start a discussion, but please keep the discussion mature and constructive. Posts that fail to do so will be removed. Discussions below the master post do not need to be IC if the master post is IC.

    What can you post here?
    In-Character literature, mythology, religion, tall tales and legends. You may also post expansions to existing lore from a character's perspective. The system is not too restricting.

    What CANT you post here?
    Ideas that are better off left for the Applications Subforums, Factions, And Worlds confirmed to exist. There are systems in place for these type of submissions. The only exception to this rule being if the submission has a significant reliance on one of the aforementioned topics within their writing, such as if there is a legend of a planet made of cheese.

    Folklore submissions will not be given the same grading process as other applications due to their nature; Being fictitious by default, folklore cannot be failed. However, some folklore may get rejected if its content breaks any existing rules.

    In short, you are free to post as you see fit like any other forum here on Galaxy Citizen. We look forward to the ideas you come up with!

    Old submissions will remain in this subforum as reference for the members who made them, should they choose to move them or keep them here.*
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