Fletch, the Stranded.

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    General Information

    Name: Lee "Fletch" Fletcher
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: N/A
    Current residence: An abandoned junker storehouse.
    Relationship status: N/A
    Social status: Unknown
    Financial standing: Poor

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): Speaks a little funny from being isolated.
    Language spoken: Galactic Common
    Other languages known: None
    Style of speaking: Casual/Cautious/Respectful
    Volume of voice: Medium
    Pitch of voice: Tenor, raspy

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5'9''
    Weight: 128 lbs.
    Eye color: Brown
    Skin color: Fair
    Shape of face: Round
    Distinguishing features: Big, messy blond hair.
    Build of body: Skinny, fit
    Hair color: Blond
    Hair style: Messy
    Complexion: Healthy
    Posture: Favors leaning to the right
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: Septum ring
    Typical clothing: Jacket, t-shirt and trousers.
    Is seen by others as: Harmless, impressionable, helpful


    Likes: Machinery, spacecraft, mech and vehicles.
    Dislikes: Vegetables, military
    Education: Intermediate school, junker ship experience.
    Fears: Abandonment, androids, pirates
    Personal goals: Galactic mechanic.
    General attitude: Eager.
    Religious values: None
    General intelligence: Mechanically smart, but not intelligent or well-spoken.
    General sociability: Friendly, well-meaning.


    Illnesses (if any): None.
    Allergies (if any): Cats.
    Sleeping habits: Inconsistent.
    Energy level: Medium.
    Eating habits: High metabolism, constantly eating.
    Memory: Forgetful with certain details likes dates, names and numbers.

    Fletch wasn't an easy child to raise. He was high energy and high risk - a prankster, a petty thief and a bad influence on other children. His parents were wonderful, though impoverished, people who drew a bad straw from the gene pool with their son. By the time he was twelve, he had run away from home his seventh and final time - this time joining his estranged uncle and a crew of Junkers. One day, about five years later, the Junkers took Fletch to a planet far out in the Fringe to one of their secret storehouses. They left him there and assured him they would be back. Left without any sort of communication device and limited resources, Fletch has remained stranded on the planet for two years fending for himself.


    Parents: Ma n' Pa Fletch.
    Siblings: None
    Any enemies (and why): None
    Children: None
    Friends: None
    Best friend(s): None
    Love interest (if there is one): None


    Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, self-defense.
    Weapon (if applicable): 20th Century revolver and assault rifle, rarely carries with him, they are heirlooms from his uncle.
    Style of fighting: Shoot poorly and run.


    Occupation: Scavenger/Junker
    Current home: The storehouse/planet he's stranded on.
    Favorite types of food: Chicken and biscuits.
    Favorite types of drink: All juices.
    Hobbies/past times: Tinkering, trying to get access to the radio/Nexus, scavenging the planet
    Favorite type of music: 20th Century American Ska music
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