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    Hello! In an effort to try and encourage diversity when it comes to what server hub people roleplay on as well as the creation of events, we will be implementing a system suggested by Dekerrex in which we feature a hub every month. People will be encouraged to roleplay on featured hubs, and at the start of the next month, a different hub will become featured.

    Here's how it works: When your public hub is set to be featured next month, staff will contact you. At the start of the next month you must then have an event hosted on your hub in order to jump start roleplay on it. This event can be anything, and can be as simple as just a party hosted in the hub - it is just to serve as the starting point for roleplay on the featured hub. You could even use your hub being featured as an opportunity to host a plotline for your hub, as you can expect it to receive more activity. If you do not host the event, then another hub will be selected. If your hub is featured, it will be placed at the very top of the teleporter list on the server, and it will become the server's default world that new players will beam onto. Only hubs with active owners may be featured. Hub owners can expect up to a month of notice and preparation if their hub is going to be featured.

    This will take effect May 1st, in which Haven City will become the featured hub for the month of May, opening with the Club SOLUS Mixer event.
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