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    Name: Faust, Last Wish, Pact, Ancient’s Blood, Second Life, Satan’s Piss

    Description: Faust is an anomalous drug that is that’s varying shades of red- from David Ward crimson, to Luo wine red. It’s typically found in any manner of syringes, autoinjectors, or in a chalky powder to be consumed or snorted- in this case, it tastes like cherry.



    Faust can completely regenerate someone to their genetically perfect state. This means a full healing of all their organs, limbs, imperfections, scars and more. It works fast enough to stabilize someone in combat- essentially stopping them from bleeding out or dying unless the injury is too severe.

    Faust can also repair all genetic damage- basically acting as an elixir of youth. Setting back someone to their species’ equivalent to a mid-twenties Human.

    Conditional Abilities:

    When consumed/injected, Faust can bring someone back from the “dead”. This basically means as long as they aren’t braindead, it can patch their body back up and “restore their life”.


    The most unfortunate side effect of Faust is that your body cant sustain itself without it- the drug having completely left a user’s system after around a month. This causes their body to rapidly wither away and die, as well as them often having extreme anger issues and a tendency towards violence due to the withdrawal. This process happens in three days after the drug has entirely left their body. This withdrawal cannot be helped through any current medical process that exists due to the fact that genemodding technology cannot edit their body fast enough to not be dependent on them because of the latent healing effect that is present in the trace amounts in their system- which returns their body to the state where it’s dependant on the drug.

    While Faust can heal someone to a frankly insane degree, this entire process takes half an hour due to the amount that it’s repairing- only healing enough at the time of injection to rapidly stabilize the injectee.

    After you take Faust, you’re instantly knocked the fuck out for the next hour. An organic can literally not handle the pain of their body going through that kind of process while conscious. This means that the drug is literally useless in combat unless you’re trying to save someone’s life.

    During the healing process, the body rapidly loses muscle mass and begins to starve- and upon awakening, whoever used it will be ravenous- since they’ll need to replenish all that used energy. Anomaly can’t do it all on its own!

    Conditional Limitations:

    While the healing process happens, the body will literally forcefully shed skin cells to replace them with fresh ones, as well as any damaged teeth. Additionally, the user suffers rapid hair/fur growth if they have it, as well as rapid nail/claw growth.

    A VERY unfortunate side effect of Faust, is that it will regrow organs even if there is something in their place. This means that if someone has synthetic jaws, replacements, eyes, teeth, limbs, organs and so on- they will be forcefully pushed out of the way as the organ regrows. This can lead to catastrophic side effects where the body injures itself over and over until the drug runs out- and then the user has to suffer the consequences.

    How does it work:

    Faust works in a fairly “simple” way. The drug acts as a catalyst and provides a majority of the energy for a total bodily reconstruction through high-energy and anomalous substances in the compound, while the body itself provides the remaining energy- that quantity is still a large amount, but nowhere near as much as it would be otherwise. The downside of this process is that the anomalous reagents used in the creation of Faust cause mutations that the drug does not remove, and those are also typically the cause of death as their body cannot survive without continued doses. An example of some of the ingredients used are Crisaria Sap, Fetor, Starsugar, Carnivorous water, Vein Moss, Floran cardiac tissue, Vyove Cylfi stavelimb, Penguin liver and more.

    Flavor text:

    Faust was created by a black-market metapharmaceutical group in 3267, which quickly gained traction in various seedy markets across the Fringe and Civ-space. Unfortunately, its side effects were realized in just as much time, and the drug was quickly banned in all civilized sectors due to its lethality. This hasn’t stopped it from showing up in any number of locations regardless however. Always being sold by the same group no matter where in the galaxy it’s found. The emblem of the group is the same as their name- The Lucent Circle.

    Referenced Technologies:

    Attainability: Semi-Closed (It’s very hard to find and make. You can’t just go ‘my character has a bunch/buys it offscreen. However I will be perfectly willing to GM someone looking into it and/or making it themselves.)

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    First pass.
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    Moved back to be revised and regraded after talk in DMs. Currently sticking this with a Fail due to the explanation being subpar and nonsensical.
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