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    //Job listing, pop-up ads, you name it, Real Durasteel has got it. It's an annoyingly frequent occurrence, but it leads to this page. ESPECIALLY over livestreaming services like Jitter.\\

    Hiyya, Fringies~!

    Showrunner and Jitter-Manager for Real Durasteel, Etienne, coming to you live from the studio~! I've come down to your level to offer all you a lovely chance at fame and stardom, the likes of which you'll never see again~! ( Until Season Two, at least. )

    That's right, mech fighting, brought to an arena near you- Sensibly affordable, too. Real Durasteel has ( After the unfortunate death of several contestants ^///^; ) opened up a newbie-friendly bracket which includes rentable, customizable, mechs!

    So strap in, rev up, and get ready for your chance to fight up against the worst of the worst AND the best of the best! ( Your's Truly included.~ ) And a cash prize, I guess.

    No prior experience required.

    What are you waiting for~!
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