[EVENT] // Magyck, Mayhem & Mysterium Live Action Roleplay on Haven //

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    // An advertisement has started making its way through the Nexus, spammed in relevant and not-so-relevant forums. It's riddled with colored text. //

    The Annual Magyck, Mayhem & Mysterium Live Action Roleplay Event!


    Hark, ye lovers of whimsy and fantasy! I am Archmage Agamemnon, of Wit, Wrath and Whimsy, Grand Vizier to the Eternal Kingdom of Mytheria as detailed in the incredible 27 book series The Ingenious Tales and Triumphs of Magyck, Mayhem & Mysterium, penned by the brilliant author Ryas Ables. I invite you to join me and my cohort in a LIVE ACTION ROLEPLAY based upon the rich lore of this fantastical world, taking place in Haven City! All are welcome to attend, including those who bring their own ORIGINAL CHARACTERS (we ask you be lore-compliant at least) or merely wish to observe the scintillating action as it plays out! We hope to see you there, dear friends.

    After the battle has ended, we will convene at Little Joe's Pub for a large sheet pizza party. Free of charge for participants!

    Also, you can be anyone from the book series, but NOT Agamemnon I am Agamemnon.

    // The rest of the post lists specific details about the time and place of the event, along with guidelines for costume. The gist is that no actual weapons are permitted, and melee weapons must be blunted or otherwise padded so as to minimize potential harm. There's a Nexus address to contact if one wishes to attend, asking if they will be an observer or participant, and in the latter case, for details about their character.//

    OOC Info:
    5/8/2021 (Saturday)
    7 P.M. EST
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