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    Name: Epo
    Age: 28
    Date of Birth: 5/11/3269
    Sexuality: Bisexual.
    Religion: Nature-Spirit Mysticism
    Occupation: Greenfinger/Biologist.
    Skills: Leadership, Bio-tech Growing, Research.
    Personality: INFP-A, however pretty ambiverted. He is surprisingly calm and empathetic for a floran, keeping composure well around other sapient species. He is often either building and modifying bio-tech and architecture for his tribe, studying and cataloging flora and fauna while out hunting, or in his lab conducting experiments. Epo often makes efforts to teach his fellow floran. Besides his work actvities, he takes leisure time to go to social events, hunt, read, and draw.
    Likes: Meat, Hunting, Flora, Experimentation, Teaching, Reading, Writing, Socializing
    Dislikes: Darkness, Ocean Water, Ice/Snow
    Extra: He is able to supress referring to himself and other floran as just 'floran' when outside his tribe, but has found eliminating his lisp difficult.

    Physical Appearance

    Physical Description: He is a fit Floran male that's about 5'6". His skin is a medium green, and his foliage is a richer, darker green. Epo's head foliage is a mass of curled, firm leaves styled backwards, dotted with small, vanilla-like flowers. He wears different clothes depending on what he is doing and where he is. In his tribe he wears his traditional greenfinger's garments. While experimenting and doing scientific things, he likes to wear a lab coat and white pants. While out on other worlds casually, he wears a pair of khaki pants.
    Tech and Augments used: Floran-Plant Symbiosis. He is able to excrete a chemical cocktail from his palms that is able to increase and control plant growth gradually. Height: 5'6"
    Species: Floran
    Gender: Male

    Backstory and More

    On-going Story: After trading for teleporter parts with a ship of humans, Epo was able to adapt this technology and introduce himself and his tribe to the rest of the galactic community. Ever since, Epo has been working on making a small laboratory for his experiments, often traveling around to buy materials. He has been honing his social skills and enagages in non-tribal floran activities that interest him.

    Backstory: Epo was born to the Fola tribe, a bustling non-confederacy floran community on the fringe. Growing up an intelligent sprout, he was different from the rest. He hunted, he play fighted, and he ran around, but he almost never was the best at any of these things. When his fellow floran went out hunting, he was never the one to catch the biggest meat. This went unnoticed until the tribe's greenfinger was noticeably old and another would need to be found quickly. The tribe's council of elders discussed a replacement, and chose Epo, realizing he had the skills to fulfill the job. Of course, Epo obliged, knowing it would feel great to be needed. The older greenfinger, Zalihe, took Epo under her leaf. She trained his bio-kinetic abilties all day, causing Epo to hunt only once or twice a week. However, he enjoyed his training. When he was allowed out by his elders, he would study the native flora and fauna of his planet. He wondered about why little things, small phenomena, occurred, and started to teach himself to write with the old books left around by past human visitors. He expanded his knowledge to something that no other floran in his village had done before on the nature of his home planet; but remembered to keep humble and to keep hunting and developing the important, tribal-life skills that would help him get meats and be a happy tribesman. Unfortunately, when Epo was 18, Zalihe wilted away. This meant that Epo had to step up and become the important role of greenfinger. He worked harder than ever, constantly eating, and then proceeding to drain himself out on the village's bio-tools and buildings. He was constantly exhausted and the tribe's council became worried. They told him to get a hobby and stop working as hard as he did. So he followed what he loved to do and became a plant of science. Conducting experiments made him feel happy and was a time for him to recharge his abilities. This takes us to his recent history...
    Extra: Wears his greenfinger headdress and uniform when in his tribe/doing tribal duties. Wears a lab coat when experimenting. Wears casual clothing when socializing with non-tribal communities.

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