... Enjoyed your rest, Flare?

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    Character Name: Flareglow Blankscreen

    Cause of Death:
    FTL drive malfunction driving him through more than a few unsafe jumps after the amount of self repairing he did to it finally brought some ill effects-- Leaving him and his ship torn apart once they were done.. His brand was then used by Lyssa, to end herself, afterwards leaving no more traces of the man but in atomic forms.

    # of Previous Clones:
    Zero??? (I think, I could be wrong????)

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    @ThatCabbage @Z3R0

    Character Sheet:
    Does not have one, has not had one.

    Cloning Method:
    Using the first brandscan and body-scan of him that Diana had, she put together the best copy she could manage of him from a previous time-- That.. assumably, she'll bring to speed after he's cloned and ready to exist again...

    : Reverse engineering, Technical skills, Cooking skills,
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    Going back using a brandscan from so long ago will result in him losing those memories of course and in conjunction a lot of the engineering and technical knowledge he may have gained during his work over time. This can of course be re-learned normally, just with time taken to do so through experience or research.

    One thing that was affected more than normal were his cooking skills. For the next 3-4 months, Flare is going to burn everything. Even water. He's a really bad cook now. But it'll get better as any therapy he goes through for post-cloning stabilization gets him back into shape.