Wearable Energy Dash

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    Name: [​IMG] Energy Dash Tech

    Energy Dash Tech appears as a module attached to typically the chest region, strapped on or embedded into lightweight armor or suits. The device itself can appear a variety of different ways, though usually appears to be a metallic plate strapped to the chest or embedded in armor, containing the electronics that allow the user to dash. The dash itself is short-ranged and can appear as different types of effects depending on how it is constructed, whether it be a blue trail or a blur of the user dashing. The dash itself is not exactly a 'dash' per se, but rather a short-ranged linear 'teleporter' that rapidly flashes the user forth, but not through objects.

    [*] Can dash near-instantaneously 7 meters in a straight or slightly curved direction. Good for dodging attacks and projectiles, or getting a flank on an enemy, or escaping. Can also dash two times in succession in different directions by charging a longer cooldown. The range can be optionally shortened.

    Conditional Abilities:
    [*] Good for getting the jump on slow targets that have trouble turning or aiming.

    [*] Has a cooldown of 7 (2 combat turns) seconds after dashing. This is increased by 7 (total 4 combat turns) seconds when double dashing.
    [*] Only works for lightweight users; anything over 200 pounds will not be moved.
    [*] Will be disabled for 14 seconds (4 combat turns) by an EMP weapon if protected, which reduces the weight limit to 160. Without EMP protection, the circuitry is destroyed until repair, but the weight limit is kept at 200.
    [*] Can not pass through solid objects. If an object gets in the way of the dash, the dash forces itself to stop; this may leave the user open to an attack as well.
    [*] Limited battery, as with all electronics. Extended by a suit's own battery. Without connection to a suit battery, it lasts for 20 dashes.

    How does it work:
    The device syncs with some type of input such as a HUD visor, somatic motions of the hand, or other types left to creativity. When activated, a quasiphotonic field is temporarily emitted around the user to convert them into weakly tangled photonic particles, causing them to 'flash' in a direction before changing back from the short life of the field. This movement is not instantaneous, however is extremely fast, dashing to its full range of 7 meters in a centisecond. And in addition, because acceleration is applied to the entire volume of the user into a single frame of reference for speed, difference in G force from acceleration will not harm the user.

    Flavor text:
    Energy Dash tech was first designed only two hundred years ago by the Hylotl engineer Ryuii Hanura to be used by melee warriors of the Empire in combat, particularly those of great mobility that they needed. The technology spread, used by some lightweight combatants specialized in melee combat or short-range pistol combat.

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