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    Name: Energy Bow
    Description: Similar in construction to traditional earth bows, as varied and strange as people can think of when constructing them. However, the plasma generator is instead strung through where a bowstring would have once been, and a ferozium grip is used to channel the plasma "arrow" through the bow.

    Offsets the weakness of traditional bow and arrows' contemporary inability to pierce armor by providing a superheated plasma projectile.
    - The longer the bowstring is drawn by the grip, the more plasma is drawn into the projectile, and therefore the more powerful and quick the impact. At full draw strength, it is comparable to a plasma sniper rifle.
    - In a pinch, you could use the plasma drawstring as an impromptu melee weapon, though it wouldn't be very effective.

    - Much like a regular bow, its primary weakness is the arc of the plasma arrow which must be accounted for when firing.
    - A slow fire rate makes it a terrible choice for short-ranged conflict. Best used at a distance/
    - It acts similar to a plasma gun in that an EMP will cause it to malfunction and become completely useless. Just a fancy trinket.

    How does it work: In essence a refinement of ancient bow and arrow technology, Energy Bows fire high-speed plasma bolts from a barrel where an arrow rest would otherwise be. In concert with a foregrip made of ferozium and a magnetized plasma channel to form a bowstring, it acts almost exactly like a contemporary Earth bow. Depending on the length the drawstring is drawn back, more or less plasma is focused through the barrel to create a stronger, slower firing, or weaker, quicker firing projectile.

    Flavor text: Created by numerous different bow aficionados all over the galaxy, Energy Bows fill a niche for individuals wishing to be flashier with their marksmen weapons. They are common sights in the Undercrypt and among mercenary groups among the fringe, as well as Yggdrassilites who believe they need an edge.

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