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    Endymion Reinna Klein, Widely known as Endy or Captain Klein, was born on July 12, 3257. Endy is a human female who is typically either on the run or trying to form a posse. Usually refers to herself as a captain whether or not she has a crew. She is currently attempting to keep a low profile from the ATLAS empire due to suspicion that they might want to spite and kill her. This is mostly out of paranoia on her end. Also has plans and is actively recruiting a posse.

    Skills: Shooting guns, taking names, getting people to work for her?
    Personality: Reckless, excitable, Likes to lie to seem cool
    Likes: Fire, guns, cats, Archer
    Dislikes: Sea food, authority, epipens
    Physical Description: She stands at 5’2” and her natural hair color is an unnatural cherry red due to gene modding. It flows down her back in wavy curls and is surprisingly well kept. Her eyes are an icy blue that seem sad all of the time, her skin sporting an intense amount of knife and gunshot scars. She almost always has a bruise or fresh cut somewhere due to her reckless nature. One thing that never changes about her is the tattoo around her neck and throat. Which says, 'Nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te = I can live neither with you, nor without you' . Where she got from a purple someone who made a big impact in her life, both good and terribly bad.

    Gear and Augments used: Left Horizon Jack leg, Average ballistic pistol, Smart watch, and Phone.


    Personality type: ISTP
    Political Ideology: Endy is big on social interaction in public spaces, usually coming off as a happy go lucky or carefree smuggler-like individual. She tends to get along with people well as long as they keep their distance and guns holstered. It’s always been one of Endy’s passions to become one of the most prominent pirates of the fringe. Whether it be through bragging with nothing to show, or actually trying to prove herself.
    A lot is unknown about her birth, but what is known is that she was raised by a hylotl family by an ocean on the planet [UNAVAILABLE] until the age of 16. Where then, it was her and her brother off to civilian space. Her brother grew distant from her and blamed her for their parent’s death so she went off on her own. Ending up in a more hostile space after college where she met a man named Enreth. She ended up contracting with him and forming her own Pirate Crew, which fell shortly after, resulting in her service with ATLAS. Her boyfriend at the time committed Suicide, which sent her on a downwards spiral. Where Dylan Spetzer and THE Archer seemed to yoink her off of. It was decent for some time, working her way up the ATLAS DEFENSE FORCE ranks and hitting it off with Archer. Nothing in the Universe could ruin this kind of high until- It all broke down as all things do at some point. Getting into too much heat with the ICIF and a sudden breakup makes one want to uproot and run. Which she did, gone for two years and now back suddenly. Let’s hope she’s not bringing trouble with her.