Embla Eldgrimsdottir (WIP. Is there where I apply even???)

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    General Information

    First name: -Embla-
    Surname: -Eldgrimdottir-
    Age: -22-
    Date of birth: -3265-03-21-
    Race: -Human-
    Gender: -Female-
    Sexuality: "Comagain?!"
    Current residence: "Wussat to yee?"
    Relationship status: "Well 'at none of yer business."
    Social status: "Read b'tween du fingers."
    Financial standing: "Broke as sheit, there ye hav et."

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): -Somekind of garbeled blend of scottish/cockney-
    Language spoken: "ENGlish! Ya deaf?"
    Other languages known: "Glitch" *Continues making beep-boop sounds*
    Style of speaking: -Rough-
    Volume of voice: -Loud-

    Physical Appearance

    Height: -1,9m- (Because metric is the future)
    Weight: -99kg-
    Eye color: -Bottle Green-
    Skin color: - Tanned Caucasian-
    Build of body: -Strong shoulders, arms and core-
    Hair color: -Bright Copper-
    Hair style: -High pony tail-
    Posture: -Straight, powerful-
    Tattoos: -None but burns and scars-
    Piercings: -None-
    Typical clothing: -Tank top and worker jumpsuit-
    Is seen by others as: -A hulking, fiery Amazon-


    Likes: -Not you, Working, Getting Paid, Strong Coffee, Delicious Food-
    Dislikes: -You, Idleness, Corporate Douchebags-
    Education: "Learnin' by doen!"
    Fears: -To Become Her Dad-
    Personal goals: "Tu become thu best fragin' Mec-E those corpers huv evur seen!"
    General attitude: -Disliking-
    Religious values: - None-
    General intelligence: -TechSavvy but doesn't care about much else-
    General sociability: -Not great, unless bribed with delicious food-


    Illnesses (if any): -Anxiety-
    Allergies (if any): -Most pesticide. Can't eat raw veggies/fruits-
    Sleeping habits: "Early Avian gets ascended, as may gran used tu say."
    Energy level: -Awake-
    Eating habits: -All the delicious foods-
    Memory: "Dun remember may b-day boot sure as hell wut size o bolt used fer an MZ3 Cylinder cupling."
    Any unhealthy habits: -Easily obsessed with work and forgets essential things like hygene-



    Parents: Kiela (Mother/Deceased), Helmgrim (Father/Drunk)
    Siblings: None
    Any enemies (and why): Higher up in SOLUS Industries (She punched a higher up in the face when they did a hostile takeover, reaping all patents, of her family business after her drunk ass father ran it into the ground)
    Children: -None-
    Friends: -She's trying. Any who feeds her is concidered a friend-
    Best friend(s): -None-
    Love interest (if there is one): "Sod off!"


    Peaceful or violent: -She throws the first punch when angered-
    Weapon (if applicable): -Lucky Wrench-
    Style of fighting: -Completely untrained bruteforcing-


    Occupation: -Unemployed Mechanical Engineer-
    Current home: *sobs*
    Favorite types of food: "All du delish ones!"
    Favorite types of drink: "C.O.F.F.E.E"
    Hobbies/past times: -Mostly work-
    Guilty pleasures: "Donuts es life"
    Pet peeves: "When peeps dun wanna soil deer fancey hans. Weaklings"
    Pets: -None-
    Talents: -Standing local record in her home town of most donuts eaten in sixty second-
    Favorite colors: -Jumpsuit Orange-
    Favorite type of music: -Industrial Hy-Fusion-
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    Hey, cool character sheet.

    I just want to clarify, since you seemed to be questioning it, that character sheets aren't mandatory to use a character. We tend to just recommend people make them for theirs and others' convenience if they're new, having trouble getting acclimated to the setting, or just want to.
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    T-T ok... that's cool..l