Elijah Drachen Ulmer

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    [ General Information ]

    First name: Elijah
    Middle name(s): Drachen
    Surname: Ulmer
    Age: 21
    Date of birth: 02/11/3266
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Current residence: Atlas Barracks
    Relationship status: Single
    Social status: Nomad
    Financial standing: Middle-Class

    [ Psionics ]

    Aptitude: Metamanipulation
    Abilities: Telekinesis
    Training: Basic | Intermediate | Advanced | Expert

    [ Traits of Voice ]

    Accent (if any): Soft Texas Draw
    Language spoken: Galactic Common
    Other languages known: N/A
    Style of speaking: Soft Texas Draw
    Volume of voice: Deep

    [ Physical Appearance ]

    Height: 5'11" | 180 cm
    Weight: 180 lb | 81 kg
    Eye color: Maroon
    Skin color: Caucasian
    Shape of face: Heart
    Distinguishing features: Cut Scar (Nose) | Burn Scar (Back) | Laceration Scars (Back)
    Build of body: Mesomorph
    Hair color: Blonde
    Hair style: Bushy Hairstyle
    Complexion: Golden Tan
    Posture: Good Posture
    Tattoos: N/A
    Piercings: N/A
    Typical clothing: Military
    Is seen by others as: Farmer/Country Style

    [ Personality ]

    Likes: Manual Labor | Piloting | Hunting | Spicy Food | Lemonade | Guitar
    Dislikes: Soft Drinks | Cooking
    Education: General Education
    Fears: Arachnophobia | Kinemortophobia
    Personal goals: Find his Biological Family | Start a New Life Alone | Get Through Atlas Spec-Ops Training
    General attitude: Charismatic | Naive | Introvert | Dedicated
    Religious values: Non-Religious
    General intelligence: 110 IQ
    General sociability: Communal

    [ Health ]

    Illnesses (if any): N/A
    Allergies (if any): N/A
    Sleeping habits: Insomnia
    Energy level: Normal Energy Level
    Eating habits: Spicy Food
    Memory: Normal
    Any unhealthy habits: PTSD (Family)
    Implants/Prosthetic: N/A

    [ History ]

    Elijah Ulmer is a drifter across space, age 21, waiting to wake up. Before his life starting, Elijah Ulmer was taken under the wing of a happily married couple, farming out the rest of their lives. It's unknown to him where his biological parents are, or even if they existed. So these farmers was his family, they were like a biological family to him, yet the farmers have yet to inform him how he was found, or even if he was their biological child. His time under their wing, he spent time hunting, playing guitar, working on his hover car and caring for animals, especially his favorite of them all, Scout, a German Shepherd. He spent most of his time with his father, taking care of most of the manual labor, while he spent his time learning how to cook, even though he hated cooking. Soon enough, when he hit the age of twenty, his family got raided by a group of filthy raiders, causing more harm to Elijah with the sight of his house burning, his mother dismembered and his father, fighting for his life to free himself from their hands. Elijah went around, trying to save his father, doing whatever he can, even setting up traps for the raiders to step on. He was able to take out most of them before one of the raiders ended up shooting the father, leaving him to bleed. The raiders scurry away, leaving behind the most horrifying and regrettable sight to Elijah at age twenty. Elijah held his father with his dying breath of love and truth. The father informed Elijah, about him not being their biological kid, how they found him in a escape pod, nurtured under the wings of the farmers. He informed Elijah about their ship they disposed of when they decided to stay, has been hidden away, yet to be started. He saw his father die, burying both his mother and his father, gathering up what he needed and dipping out of the planets heap of hell. Before he left, he CAS'ed the hell out of the sightings of the raiders nearby his house, killing them before he left.

    [ Relationships ]

    Parents: Adam Ulmer (Father) | Jessica Ulmer (Mother)
    Siblings: Kenneth Ulmer (Older Brother)
    Any enemies (and why): Misery
    Children: N/A
    Friends: Alexander Steelchain Jr. | Piper "Strong Arm" Williams | Spectra Williams | Spinneryst | Taylor | Nalani Wingmore | Tinu | Rehi | Lily
    Best friend(s): Babe
    Love interest (if there is one): N/A

    [ Combat ]

    Training: Intermediate Military Police Training
    Peaceful or violent: Peaceful
    Weapon (if applicable): Hard-light Blade | TS-801 Auto Pistol | I-IP10 'Callus' Plasma Pistol | E-10 Combat Knife | Atlas Ballistic Pistols (2) | Atlas Ballistic Shotgun | Atlas Ballistic Carbine | .300 Blackout Carbine
    Style of fighting: Muay Thai

    [ Others ]

    Occupation: Civilian Enforcement Militia (Atlas)
    Current home: Atlas Barracks
    Favorite types of food: Spicy Food
    Favorite types of drink: Lemonade
    Hobbies/past times: Guitar
    Guilty pleasures: Spicy Food
    Pet peeves: Annoying Voices | Annoying People | Apex
    Pets: N/A
    Talents: Playing Guitar
    Favorite colors: Black
    Favorite type of music: Guitar-Heavy Country
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