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    // This would be a simplistic website in a dark grey and Caliphate-green aesthetic. Its simplistic wording and rudimentary language imply that its designed for curious kuffar instead of financial-sector businesses. //



    [font=Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]DAAL MONEY MANAGEMENT AND REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS LTD[/font]

    DMMAREH is a financial conglomerate, operating out of New Makkah. A financial conglomerate is a term used to refer to companies that operate in two or more financial sectors, such as banking, securities or insurance. DMMAREH specializes in banking and financial management, offering consultancy for management of funds for individuals and for larger companies. The company also offers property and pecuniary insurance, the former of which is tied exclusively to the real estate holdings of the group. Subsequently, it also offers rental of the real estate holdings to private businesses and individuals within the New Makkah area.

    Within ICIF territory, the primary use of DMMAREH is as a Sharia-compliant bank. Sharia law prevents usury (riba), and so the bank itself cannot charge interest on loans. Instead, DMMAREH uses the business loans sector to generate its own revenue, with Mudarabah, or the profit-and-loss sharing of joint ventures being one of the primary sources of income. This is further supplemented by the Ijar, or leasing of the real estate holdings. The real-estate holdings and the subsequent rent charged act as the means that the bank generates profit to shareholders.

    The company is governed by ten directors, with a single chairman and vice chairman heading the business.

    As a result of Sharia banking, DMMAREH is on the path of 'divine guidance' instead of economic dominance.

    In regards to pecuniary insurance, the company offers the following;

    - Actuarial assessments (moral and physical)

    - Fidelity guarantees

    - Blanket and floating policies

    - Credit insurance

    - Combined and packaged cover for businesses

    - Business loans

    - Financial advice

    - Administration and account management

    The company also offers catered portfolios and investment advice, with many of the board members acting as former members of investment firms.


    // Cosigners //

    Ahsanullah al-Saqqaf - @Hjalmar

    Syed al-Quiche - @Hastur

    Nafi' al Bara' Bishara - @YongZhi

    Omar Reggaeman - @mono

    Karif Dagher - @Partisan

    Liu Aledigger - @seaweedgod


    If you are interested in a position - from data entry, administrative assistants and office clerks to financial advisors and bankers, please use the form below.