// (DISCORD EVENT) Slick Delphinus Presents: Fringe's Longest Wooden Rollercoaster! //

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    // Several ads crop up on forums, news sites, image boards, and streaming services across the fringe. Each present some variation of a minecart rushing on rails, sailing through the moonlight of two large orbs in the sky. //

    Howdy fellas, and welcome to the debut of...
    Delphinus Express!
    The crown jewel of my tried and true amusement park, this rollercoaster is the most expansive and fun of its kind! Spanning several kilometers, this rollercoaster is quite a ride! Full of heights, frights, and amazement in abundance! And lucky for all you folks at home, the debut of this wonderful ride will be in a matter of days! Just this Saturday! <6/12/88>

    // Various clips are attached, showing the minecart-themed ride, zooming between openings in hills, before panning close to a nearby mountain to show another minecart-rollercoaster zooming up a steep slope, enveloped slightly by zooming, holographic stars. Various other fantastical clips are included, even one of the orange novakid himself! //

    Sign up below for your chance at having the honor of riding this beautiful ride on its maiden voyage! FOR FREE!
    <<Take The Plunge!>>