Diana Cilvay : Ego Death

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    Character Name: Diana Cilvay

    Cause of Death: Sent their Qarin inside the Void Egg after being EMPed by Panopticon, the spikes of which dug inside her brain and did some damage that was then compounded by the shock of losing her Qarin as well as the shock from the hard-contact EMP going off inside her organic brain and the Egg Itself electrocuting her body further. She stopped receiving oxygen to the brain while being evaced and lost even more of her neurons, rendering her a shell of her former self and leaving her essentially a fragment of who she was.

    # of Previous Clones:
    0 (because nothing happened in adroma)

    Member Vouch:
    Nomad, Pinkbat, Trireef, Roren, Ryan, Endie, Scarpelt, Dust and Echoes, JINX

    Character Sheet:

    Cloning Method:
    She knew there was a risk of capture or death going somewhere isolated with a greedy man like Sinji and got a brainscan started before going and strapped some C2 to her construction helmet to blow herself up just in case. After her fried neural augment couldn't come back online, an automatic protocol was initiated giving her 48 hours to reconnect to any network and send a key to stop the automated cloning process. Given her forgetting most of her life and her personality being almost reset, she cannot stop this.
    She will be going through a normal cloning procedure.

    : Tinkering, Reverse Engineering, Mediating (Her scientific knowledge was stored remotely in cloud storage and backed up on personal servers as she could not possibly hope to remember it all in her head, as she has said multiple times and as was shown in the Undercrypt where she struggled without a nexus connection for an extended period of time. She cheats on her tests yes.)
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    Pass! Diana will be back with an oversensitive immune system that reacts very poorly to disease and is prone to rejecting augments, mking her require daily medication to keep everything in check.
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