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    //General Information
    Name: Dean Sanchez
    Date of birth: June 19, 3254
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Current citizenship statuses: galactic
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter
    Skills: Gun proficiency, Sword proficiency, Engineer
    Color scheme: Brown, Black and Blue
    Known friends or enemies: none
    NexusNet username: aslightlysadegg
    Themes: ((???))

    Physical Appearance

    Dean is quite a physically attractive man, with his near flawless skin, ((which is no small feat to have in his line of work)) and sizable muscles, he isn't the most handsome man in the fringe, but he could easily be a contender, he wears round shades, a brown leather jacket, and ripped jeans most of the time. He has brown hair, which is always kept in a specific shape, and blue eyes, almost as blue as earths sky once was. He has bionic implants in his legs, letting him jump once in the air through nano boosters and air condensers, they also let him boost at near the speed of sound across small distances.


    Personality Type: ESFP

    Political Ideology:

    Dean usually acts real confident around people he doesn't know, or is wary of, but if you knew him personally, you'd know that that's just a facade, not that he isn't confident, he's just noticeably less so.
    he doesn't have a hard time opening up to people, and if you're curious enough, he might just make you sit through listening to his entire backstory.
    Deans current goals include:
    Finding a place to live
    Finding love
    Establishing himself in the fringe
    Political ideologies: none, he doesn't believe in politics
    Likes: good food, anyone he can get along with, attention
    Dislikes: criminals, tradition, attention ((attention usually depends on his mood))


    june 19, 3263: at nine years of age, Dean recognized a need to build things, he built lots of things, all from the age of nine, to the age of 25, this need is also what led him to study to become an engineer when he turned 16, and at the tender age of just 20 years old, he had built his own tiny, barely functional starship out of an old husk and spare parts.
    september 21, 3265: eleven years old now, Deans father would hesitantly give him his first gun, to protect him from the dangers of their home planet, having later trained in gunplay both privately and professionally, he would become quite the adept gunslinger later in life.
    may 2, 3272: seventeen years old now, Dean had went around the galaxy quite a lot already, and while he was exploring yet another planet, he would find a sword, he would then quietly sneak it aboard his fathers ship as they were going home, about a month later, when he turned 18, he took the sword out of hiding and told his father about it, he didn't care much for it, but Dean was a free man now and could do what he wanted, so he kept his first sword, and kept training with it, his sword training coupled with his by then already quite strong affinity for guns, made him into a killing machine, but he wouldn't kill anyone with his skills until much, much later.
    june 20, 3273: On this day, Dean Sanchez officially got his engineering degree, he had a universe to explore, but there was only one thing on his mind in that moment, Revenge.
    someone had killed his father only two months earlier for what seemed like no reason, and he had only caught a glimpse of the killer, however, that was just enough that paired with the mental trauma of seeing his father dead on the living room floor, the image of the perpetrator was seared into his mind forever.
    july 6, 3275: this was the day that Dean Sanchez became a bounty hunter, he had just gotten himself some better gear, to get started, and posted an ad on the NexusNet, a month later he got his first contract, a satisfied customer recommended his services, and in just a few months, Dean was already up to his neck in contracts, it paid well, so he never stopped
    august 4, 3276: Dean had been a bounty hunter for just over a year now, endlessly hunting both small and bigtime criminals all around the fringe, his fathers killer had been caught the year before, relieving his mind just a bit, but there were still criminals to capture and bounties to be paid, and that is the full story of Dean Sanchez... for now.//