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    for furniture recolouring, follow the guide here.
    i noticed there's no guide on the forums that shows how to take your own sprites and put them in the game as objects. this guide is made with the intention to change that.
    this is the method my unfortunate mac-using self makes use of– i am aware there are more efficient ways that involve drawablemaker applications that i can't run. this guide won't include any of them because i don't know how they work. they're probably very similar though

    step 1: unpack assets
    you'll be using the sprites and names from unpacked assets to make all your objects. they're really useful, so here's how to unpack

    step 2: choose the object you want to use as a base, then make sprite
    this can be any placable object. paintings, chairs, tables, wardrobes, anything. just keep in mind the spawned item retains the properties the original object had, too, with nothing but a changed appearance and description. if you want to make a chair that people can sit in, use a chair base, etc
    in this example i'll be using a painting to make a poster with a lobster on it.
    to get the sprite and use it as a base, go into your unpacked assets and find it in the objects folder. get the full .png sprite and modify it while keeping the dimensions of the canvas until you get a result you like. take note of the filename of the item when you grab the sprite, you'll need it later to spawn the object in.
    base i used: apexpainting1 [​IMG]
    sprite i made: [​IMG]

    step 3: put sprite into hatter
    this is the inefficient part. since i can't use drawablemaker i have to get directives from hatter instead. it still works though, so whatever.
    click "generate item file" and open the file you download in whatever text editing program you have on hand. i've heard windows users use notepad++, i use textedit.
    if your file looks something like this, that's good. onto the next step

    step 4: make your spawner command template
    i have my own little template that i use for each custom object I make. it looks like this:
    but if you don't care about custom descriptions, names, or having it turn into money when it's broken instead of a default item, you can just use this:
    (spoiler: what each thing does)
    shortdescription: the title of the object when it's in the inventory.
    description: the description of the object when it's in the inventory.
    [race]Description: what a certain race will say if they inspect the object once it's placed. useful if you like flavour text
    breakDropPool: when set to "ancientpotsmall" you can have your objects turn into glowing purple currency instead of a default item when it's broken.
    where "itemname" is, you want to put the name of the item you got from the unpacked assets. so for me, it'd be apexpainting1.

    step 5: paste in the directives
    this part is easy. copy this:
    and paste it all into the file like this:

    save the text file, copy the entire command, go into singleplayer, /admin yourself, then control-paste it into the text box and the custom object should spawn at your cursor.

    step 6: enjoy bitch
    hell yeah
    if you're confused and you want an example to look at, or if you just like lobster posters and want one of your own, you can download the poster i made for this here
    ok enjoy
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